Love is like a puzzle

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Love is a puzzle waiting to be solved by the right person who is taking there time and dedication to do so.

Submitted: September 26, 2012

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Submitted: September 26, 2012



Love is like a puzzle.

When you start out,

pieces look foreign.

You try to piece them together,

but you know you can't do it right away.

You take your time....

finding the right pieces that fit.

You make mistakes

when piecing them together.

You usually fix it, 

but some leave it 

and the picture doesn't turn out,

you start over if the picture doesn't turn out,

but sometimes it's too late 

to fix that that one mistake

and the puzzle ends up making the pieces smaller

and it's nearly impossible to do again.

People might say that love is just an easy puzzle,

that everyone can solve it.

Society, movies and fairy tales

make love so easy to obtain.

Love is not a toy

that you can just play with and leave it there to collect dust.

Love is a puzzle that takes time and effort.

If you truly want to solve the puzzle...

you might succeed or you might not.

It depends on the puzzle,

to deem if you're worthy of making a beautiful picture out of it...

If you are the lucky few,

who's puzzle is a beautiful picture...

Don't let it go.

For those who tried and tried,

Don't fret about it. 

There is a puzzle out there just waiting for you to find it

and make it into a beautiful picture.




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