Gender Differences in Games

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This essay explains that there are gender differences in games

Submitted: January 03, 2013

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Submitted: January 03, 2013



As students, we have many things related to study. We usually spend our time to do many assignments. However, in the middle of doing those assignments, we usually do something which can refresh our mind. The example is playing games. Nowadays, we have so many interesting games, not only the classic games but also the modern ones. The classic games is the simple one, for example puzzle games. While modern game is game which have advanced performances such as 3D performance and complicated rules. Besides, since there are many kinds of games, boys and girls may have different taste in choosing the game. As we know, boys like choosing game which is challenging to them and girls like choosing game which may have femininity inside it. It shows that boy's games and girl's games are different. In this essay, I will show the differences of boy's games and girl's games. Boy's games are different from girl's games in terms of some aspects such as theme, colour, and language.

The first aspect is the theme of the game. Boys usually like playing games which is challenging for them. Boys usually like action games such as shooting games, adventure, war, racing, and sports. Besides, the boys usually choose the games which have 3D performance. The examples of the games are Total Overdose (shooting game), Need for Speed (racing game), PES (sport). Boys are not interested in playing ordinary game which just has simple rule and performance. It is because boys are considered as emphatic people. Not like girls, boys like doing something. Their principle is learning by doing. Therefore, they like playing action game. As we know, they are more interested in playing football game rather than cooking game. In fact, when boys are asked about their hobby, they mostly will answer that they like playing football or watching football match. It shows that a boy’s hobby may reflect what kind of game he likes. Galileo Galilei, an expert said, “You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him discovering it in himself. It means that boys’ intelligence is high. A boy can understand something after experiencing it himself. Thus, men can learn something from playing action game. The example is when they playing football game, they also learn how to play football in the real life. The other example is when they are playing shooting game, they also add their knowledge about the gun and its component. The explanation above shows that those games are attached to boys because the games reflect the boys’ characteristics.

In contrast, girls like games related to beauty, cooking, and fashion. It is because those games have femininity. The girls usually do not consider about the performance as long as it is cute and beautiful.  Most of girls are feminine and the boys are masculine. Girls like playing cooking games because the girls mostly like cooking in their daily life. Thus, they think that it is very interesting. They have been familiar with the things such as kitchen appliances or the ingredients. It will make them playing the cooking game easily. That is different when they are playing shooting game. The girls usually do not like violence. Therefore, they cannot enjoy the game. The girls are also not familiar with the terms used in shooting games. As we know, a shooting game usually contains the words related to gun, for example M4 Carbine, a kind of weapon. The girls usually will not continue to play the game if they think they do not know what to do. They will just leave and move to another game which has simple rule and language, for example cooking game.

The music used in both boy’s games and girl’s game are also different. Boy’s games mostly use challenging back sound. In contrast, girl’s games use calm and cheerful back sound. It is because the music in the game influences the feeling of the players. If the music used in the game has rapid beat, the player may play the game with tense. Otherwise, if the back sound is slow or cheerful, the player will feel like relaxing the mind.

The second aspects is the colour chosen in the game. In our environment, some people think that pink is attached to girls and blue is attached to boys. It is because pink reflects femininity and blue reflects reliability of a boy. Pink is considered as girls’ colour because girls’ characteristics are soft and feminine. Otherwise, blue is attached to boys according to our society. Gwendolyn Brooks, a poet said,” When you love a man, he becomes more than a body. His physical limbs expand, and his outline recedes, vanished. He is rich and sweet and right. He is part of the world, the atmosphere, the blue sky and the blue water. The phrases “the blue sky” and “the blue water” describe man unconsciously. Our environment have believed that blue is the colour of boys but actually both boys and girls may have the same favorite colour.

Nowadays, the belief of pink and blue colours is not used in games. In the game, the colours chosen are about bright and dark colours. Bright is for girls and dark is for boys. Girl’s games usually use bright colour such as yellow, pink, turquoise, purple, and many others. The colour chosen in the game reflects the characteristics of girls which are soft and feminine.Boy’s games usually use dark colour such as black, brown, green, or maroon. Since the theme of boy’s game is usually challenging, those colours are more appropriate with the theme. The colour chosen in the game also influence the atmosphere of the game. When the game is about cooking, bright colours are appropriate because the game need many kinds of colours for the ingredients. While dark colours are more appropriate with boy’s game because it reflects boys’ characteristics in general like what explained above.

The third aspect is the language used in the game. The language used in boy’s games must be different from the girl’s. The main characteristic of boy’s game is the masculinity of the language. Most of boy’s games use many technical words. One example is a game entitles “Total Overdose”, the language used in the game is so masculine. When we play this game, we will know that the words used in the game are about the something related to war such as gun, missile, airplane, and many others. The other game is Need for Speed (NFS), a famous racing game. In this game, we will find many words related to cars’ name such as Audi TT RS 10, Corvette Z06, or Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X. There are also mentioned the spare parts, and the function of the car’s component. Some of the words are tires, powerup, accelerate, brake, reverse, and many others. Those two examples show that boy’s games mostly use many technical. Other people especially girls may not know about the words because girls and boys have different interest.

On the other hand, girl’s game usually contains feminine things. There are some girl’s game such as Jojo Fashion Show and Kitchen Brigade. In Jojo, there are many words which are related to fashion such as clothes, style, rack, dress, outfit, and so on. The rule of the game is also simple, for example designing the dress, matching the clothes with the theme given, and so on. The icons show femininity such as dress, shoes, beautiful woman, treasures, etc. Next game is Kitchen Brigade. When we play this game, we will find many words related to food and cooking such as culinary, slice, fry, tomato, recipe, potatoes, cabbage, stir, and many others. The rule is just about slicing or boiling or frying the ingredients mentioned, and gaining more bonuses by doing the game quickly. The icons depict kitchen appliances such as cutting board, pan, stove, refrigerator, plates, and so on. The examples above show that the language used in girl’s game is extremely different from the boy’s.

To conclude, boy’s game and girl’s game are different in some aspects. The first aspect is the theme of the game. The themes of boy’s games usually are about sport, racing, or war, while girl’s games are about fashion or cooking. The second aspect is the color chosen in the game. Boy’s games usually use dark colours and the girl’s use bright colours. The last aspect is the language used in the game. The games for boys mostly use many technical words, but the games for girls are commonly simple. It is not only the diction but also the rules. Not like boy’s games which have complicated rules, girl’s game is very easy and simple to be done. In our environment, people somehow can distinguish girls’ things and boys’ things. There is no written rules about that, we just know it because of the tradition or the information given by parents or teacher. We unconsciously are taught to learn the difference by ourselves. The simple thing like game even can make a difference between boy and girl.

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