Just Admit that You Love Me

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Alaca was a young girl at the time. She didn't know much except that she didn't have a Mom. Then one day she has a dream that warns her about many things that would be happening later in her life. One by one she would have things taken away, from the things she loved least to the things she loved most. Alaca was terrified when the last thing might come, and she didn't know what would happen at all. But also in that dream, one of her friends tells her about what happened to her Mom. What change will Alaca make?

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Submitted: June 21, 2014

Jennifer and Logan and two teenagers that fell in love and decided to have a baby together. They had no money whatsoever, and had to move into a trailer park. When they finally had their child, they named her Alaca. Then one day, Alaca mysteriously started choking, wheezing, and having spasms. No one knew what was wrong with her and Jennifer and Logan spent all their money on Alaca. They talked about these things for a long time on top of a hill not far away from their trailer. Then they went inside when they heard a phone ringing. That would be the most important phone call they would ever get. Read Chapter

Chapter One- The Death Threat

Submitted: June 21, 2014

Chapter One The Death Threat   I dedicate this chapter to my friend Sabrina. She just started reading this story and say... Read Chapter