Jeff "Sperm Donor" Wiles

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I wrote this about my biological father. He is not technically a sperm donor, but that is what I refer to him as, seeing as he left my mom when she was 2 months pregnant, and did the same with various other women.

Submitted: January 09, 2009

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Submitted: January 09, 2009



I couldn't care less,
If you died today,
It doesn't matter to me,
I'm happy either way,

I was ten when you wrote me,
Eleven when you came around,
I let you into my life,
And you let me down,

You call yourself a father,
But really you're not,
In the end you're just some guy,
That will be forgot,

You have all your secrets,
You tell all those lies,
But in the end,
You are the one I despise,

I know you have six children,
But are there any more,
You must really enjoy our pain,
You are one sadistic whore,

Women and money,
That's what you dream about,
When we have to suffer,
Because a father we're without,

In spite of you,
We've found one another,
It's not about what you did,
But what we can do,
To make things better,

I guess it's for the better,
That you were not around,
My brothers sisters and I,
It's love we have found,

It's time to face it,
We're all getting old,
It's too late now,
To get back times sold,

Ever since I was ten,
I've dreamt of being a father,
Unlike you,
You didn't even bother,

Just admit it,
You don't want us around,
You could have found us,
You were not bound,

You may think this is harsh,
But really it's not,
Just remember in the end,
You are the one,
That has been forgot.

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