Ganesh visarjan passed-off peacefully,The police dept held its breath.

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Festive frenzy.

Godavarikhani:19.09.2013: In Godavarikhani, which's considered to be the perfect example of communal hormony, the Lord Gansesh visargan festival passed off peacefully. This's a famous festival for hindus. The preparations are impressive and remarkable. People celebrated the event in devotion. Devotees offered rice cakes to their family diety. The organaizers dished out Lemen rice to the Devotees. Little children enjoyed the event by adorn the magnificient idols with garlands of flowers. Temples illuminated by thousands of dazzling lights. The coal city vibrated to the sound of the festivval. The town ecohed of drums & trumpets. The visargan process took place in sacred ganga river amid the heaving mass of flesh.

In the wake of the communal riots took place recently in Muzafarabad of Utthara Pradesh, All preventive measures have been taken to ensure public safety. The current DSP andundisputed police official, Udhay Kumar Reddy, under whoose direction the Peddapally sub-division Law enforcement working, take care of security concerns.

Submitted: January 24, 2014

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