Ode of a Contact Ranger

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

I recently started working at Sky Meadows State Park in Deplane, Virginia as a contact ranger. My job is to sit in the booth as you come into the park to welcome visitors to the park, take their fees, etc. One of the days I was working there was dreary and rainy, so many people unfortunately didn't come. But that gave me time to write this poem; I hope you enjoy it!

I am sitting here in this lonely station;

the gentle sound of the rain outside

and the music of Stevie Wonder enchants my ears.

The land around is masked in a dreary beauty.

Birds fly from tree to tree, not minding the rain beating upon their feathers.


Wait! A car comes on yonder road!

Wanting to explore this mystical land we have come to know and love.

Welcome, my friend to this enchanted land! 

I am the lonely gate keeper; here to welcome you to this amazing place.

As you enter a spell will be cast upon you as you fall in love with the surroundings.


Down the path you can find trails to eternity.

Tread them and you will become lost in the beauty.

Follow the footsteps once traced by an old plantation owner in an earlier age.

Call upon a tour guide to be transported to the past as you wonder through

the rooms of Bleak House.


While here, take in the sights and sounds of nature as it surrounds you in great abundance.

Step over the babbling Gap Run and take in the view of the countryside from Piedmont Overlook.

Ride your horse through the meadows of Lost Mountain.

Live, laugh, love every moment of it.


When you decide it is time to go, I bid you well.

I will be here, writing this ode of a contact ranger;

who sits in his lonely station, listening to the birds chirping.

Waiting for the next traveler to come around the bend.

Welcome to this place called Sky Meadows!

Submitted: June 07, 2016

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