The Battle Cry

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I'm not exactly sure what inspired me to write this rally cry for an army about to go into battle. I can say part of the speech was inspired by General Armistead's speech in the movie "Gettysburg" as he rallies his men during Picket's Charge. Another part was inspired by the speech Aragon gave before the final battle in "Return of the King" of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. So I hope you enjoy this and will check out some of my other writings!

Submitted: July 21, 2016

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Submitted: July 21, 2016




Gentlemen arise for today we fight!

The enemy lurks, ready like blood hounds for a kill.

The devil has built his temple in their souls.

Fire flows through their veins.


Gentlemen arise, for now is the hour to make haste!

Let sleep flee your eyes as you make your battle cries.

Grapple your muskets and unsheathe your swords!

Rally around the banner that flutters in the breeze.


Gentlemen arise for your country!

Stand tall for your fellow countrymen; for your leader!

Fight for your wives, for your children!

Cry victoriously for all you believe!


Gentlemen arise for today we fight!

Let tomorrow bring what it may.

But today we fight!


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