Ironic Ending Part I

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The class plans to visit the museum. Will the Night at the Museum happen again??? Find out when you read this part and the second part... It's kinda gory.

Submitted: October 10, 2014

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Submitted: October 10, 2014



“I hate the movie, The Night of the Museum, the CG effects are so bad and the actors are so unrealistic.” Timothy groaned as the teacher announced that they will be making a trip to the American Museum of Natural History. According to what happened in the movie, the exhibits seemed boring.

“But the T-rex skeleton was awesome.” Carl exclaimed, eyes full of wonder and excitement. Ever since Tim was a child, he has disliked dinosaurs: for their pure reptilian qualities. Beady mean eyes, cold scaly skin and terrible claws. But, of course, as a sixth grader, he wasn’t developed enough to understand the whole of dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs mostly do not exhibit mean eyes (unless they are catching prey, which happens in every movie). Therefore, Tim is influenced to think that dinosaurs are terrible creatures of destruction. However, there is a more docile and caring side of dinosaurs: a more parental personality. Most dinosaurs care for their young; or even other family’s child.  The terrible claws are just a stereotypical image of dinosaurs: most herbivores do not have claws at all. Tim’s conclusions were not justified at all.

Tim retaliated “The T-rex was the worst part. The effects was so bad. How could you even like it?” He kicked the desk. Hard.

“You’ll see. If you enjoy the museum one bit, you owe me 20 bucks.”

“Sure. You’ll never get it. Deal…”


Two weeks later, the whole class, 621, stood outside the AMNH’s front door. Tim stood huddled over: conserving body heat. The wind harshly blew on his back. The teacher was taking attendance: “Kelly Hungie? (Here)...”

Tim couldn’t stand it, he broke the silence. “Oh my gosh, it’s so cold, are we going in yet?”

The teacher wrapped up the roll call and proceeded to lead them toward the group entrance door. “Okay, kids; we are here with behalf of the Planetarium and the Hall of Planet Earth. No straying away. If you need to use the bathroom, as a teacher or chaperone to escort you.”

Tim snorted and whispered to Carl, “Is the teacher going to follow you into the bathroom? That is disgusting!”

“No, they are going to wait outside.” Carl replied matter of factly, totally throwing off the joke.

Tim instantly became enraged “Why did you have to ruin it? Are you seriously angry at me?”

“Nope. We’ll just see who wins.” They went inside the museum.


After 2 hours of completing worksheets, watching programs and touching random objects, they finally regrouped at the Hall of the Universe to dismiss each class. Each sixth grader was responsible for their own return home.

Tim said to Carl, “Huh, one whole day not a bit of excitement.”

“You just wait…” Tim decided that Carl was being mysterious.


After being dismissed, Tim, Fred and Carl decided to go on a full museum tour. After viewing each hall and listening to Tim’s annoying and pessimistic comments, they finally regrouped it was 5 o’clock: 30 minutes until the museum closed.

Tim had to take a humongous poop. It wasn’t even funny. He had to go… Not wanting to disgrace himself in front of his friends, he told them that he was going to stay a while longer to look at the exhibits again.

Carl took the incentive, “So you did enjoy it!”

Tim scrambled to give a decent response, “Naw, I just want to take some pictures. It’s alright.”

“We’ll go with you…” Carl asked.

“Naw. I’m fine…”

Fred spoke up for the first time, “Um… I really have to go home. Bye guys.” And with that awe inspiring farewell he left.

Suddenly, Carl’s phone rang… The Jurassic Park theme filled the almost deserted hall.

Tim instantaneously responded, “Ew… Jurassic Park.”

Carl gave him a look and picked it up… “Yeah, mom… Okay… I’m on my way… Okay, bye.”

A few seconds passed while Carl locked his phone, “You got lucky this time. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Yeah, sure whatever…” Tim watch Carl walk out of sight and Tim raced to the bathroom not able to contain the urgent message that his large intestines were sending.


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