Black Thoughts

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Letting a little of my dark side come out

Submitted: November 24, 2011

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Submitted: November 24, 2011



o Black Thoughts
Would you die for true love?
Would you kill for something that is forever?
Do your thoughts ever lead you to a place you should not go?
Does the darkness of the night leave shadows of black on your day?

I wonder through dark corridors of my brain searching for glimpses of light that used to play a part of my sleep and everyday life. As the holes of my sanity decrease, my emotions and rage take a turn which may be uncontrollable. For the meantime I can hide them and hope that my luck will change, the storm will clear and I will be free. Is this the real me that is now showing itself? It must be, but why now? Why have I grown into this? It feels normal to me. I want someone to understand. I don't need anyone to be like myself. Smiles now come from somewhere else. Heartache is no longer there. But in sacrificing that other true things have disappeared. Do I need help? Why do I ask questions that I need not answered.
When the sun starts to rise again, I hope I don't close the shutters to keep the light from coming in. I know that tomorrow is a new day. With each new day comes a new sunrise with light that holds chances for new possibilities. Storm clouds may block them occasionally but the forecast always clears. For now I will hold onto this I will see what each new day brings. If I fall even further into the darkness of my mind , I will go without peace, without sanity. Without sanity the rules of life will be lifted and that type of life will therefore make sense. The tug of war of what is going on is starting to way heavier for the other side.

Darkness be still my soul


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