Once An Assassin

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

A story about an assassin who falls in love and goes straight

Table of Contents


A story about an assassin who falls in love and goes straight Read Chapter

First Contact

Chapter 2 – First Contact The next girl to dance on the pole came out through the curtain and Steven caught his breath.She was stun... Read Chapter

Falling Hard

Chapter 3 – Falling Hard The table he had been at before was taken, so he sat near the bar and Tammy came over to him and asked “... Read Chapter

The Plaza Hotel

Chapter 4 – The Plaza Hotel The bolt slid forward and the round was forced gently into the chamber with a distinct metallic click.&... Read Chapter

Planning The End

~~Chapter 5 – Planning The End Steven walked back to his hotel and entered his room, he checked the room and was satisfied no one h... Read Chapter

Falling In Love

Chapter 6 – Falling In Love Steven then flew to Sydney using his false Federal Police ID to get his guns onto the plane, albeit in ... Read Chapter


Chapter 7 - Derailment The auto-derailer had been the hardest item to procure.It cost a lot of money to buy something that people kne... Read Chapter

The Set Up

Chapter 8 – The Set Up Steven changed his flight out of Austria for three days later than first planned, giving him four full days ... Read Chapter

The First Woman Kill

Chapter 9 – The First Woman Kill Steven's mind drifted back to the first woman he had ever killed and how it had torn at his soul f... Read Chapter

Blined By Love

Chapter 10 – Blinded By Love Steven had become friends with a few of the staff at the restaurant where Niki waitressed, so he went ... Read Chapter

On The Run

Chapter 11 – On The Run Once in the Canberra, he drove straight to the Tuggeranong Shopping Centre and parked in the undercover car... Read Chapter

The Proposal

Chapter 12 – The Proposal A cleaning trolley was sitting half way down the corridor, almost outside of their room and there was a w... Read Chapter


Chapter 13 - Sellina Steven had been in England about five years before and upon finishing an easy 'follow and observe' job on a cabi... Read Chapter


Chapter 14 - Marked Giovanni took the train from Como in Northern Italy to Bern in Switzerland, and went to the hotel that Adrianna's... Read Chapter

Bella Refugiato

Chapter 15 - Bella Refugiato They arrived in Como at 11.45 pm that night and Giovanni's two sons, Mattao and Brando, met them at the ... Read Chapter


Chapter 16 - Belarus Niccolo and the team travelled via train across Austria, the Czech Republic and into Poland.  They met up w... Read Chapter

Home Coming

Chapter 17 - Home Coming The three men arrived back at Bella Refugiato in a very solemn mood.  The women were all excited to wel... Read Chapter

Vanguard Security

Chapter 18 - Vanguard Security Niccolo and Adrianna left the security office in silence.  As they got out onto the street, Nicco... Read Chapter

Baby & Business

Chapter 19 - Baby & Business Amy packed her equipment and moved into the villa's top floor bedroom.She was given a hand held vide... Read Chapter


Chapter 20 - Ménage-a-trios Amy picked up Sellina, and holding her in her arms, stood looking down at Adrianna.  She was covere... Read Chapter

The Sphinx

Chapter 21 - The Sphinx Two years had now passed since Niccolo and Adrianna had arrived in Italy.  Sellina was now walking and t... Read Chapter

Mark St John

Chapter 22 - Mark St John The team drove into London and went directly to the offices of Cranston and Smyth Lawyers in Kingston upon ... Read Chapter

Fire Fight

Chapter 23 - Fire Fight The others from Niccolo's team cleared their positions and headed down to the pitch.Patrick was the first dow... Read Chapter

The Heist

Chapter 24 – The Heist It was two days after Niccolo’s 44th birthday party when one of Vanguard’s cash transport trucks was hit... Read Chapter

Saudi Prince

Chapter 25 – Saudi Prince Niccolo had not told them that the Sheik or Mustafa knew of his past and nothing was ever mentioned.They ... Read Chapter

Asima and Farid

Chapter 26 – Asima and Farid The next morning as the three joined the Sheik’s entire family for breakfast, Amy was excited about ... Read Chapter


Chapter 27 – Recovery Amy didn't wake for three days, and when she did the first thing she saw was Adrianna looking down at her.Adr... Read Chapter


Chapter 28 – Fury Amy slowly climbed off the bed and dragged herself to the bathroom, climbing onto the toilet.She felt the now dea... Read Chapter

The Heist Team

Chapter 29 – The Heist Team Amy had been stunned by the amount of money the Sheik had transferred into her account, but didn’t wa... Read Chapter

Pay Back

Chapter 30 – Pay Back Just over three hours later they heard the speed boat returning and the skipper call out to the yacht to tie ... Read Chapter

Calliope 143

Chapter 31 – Calliope 143 Patrick and Amy returned to Como and the northern staff gathered in the Mozzo Operations Base. Patric... Read Chapter


Chapter 32 – Somalia Adrianna was distant with Niccolo for several weeks, until one night as she lay in bed facing away from him, h... Read Chapter

Taraja & The Getaway

Chapter 33 – Taraja & The Getaway Taraja was taken into, and accepted as part of the family.  Her happy disposition was in... Read Chapter

Pieces of the Puzzle

Chapter 34 – Pieces of the Puzzle Niccolo was sitting in his office in the basement of the villa, going over the business financial... Read Chapter

David & Goliath

Chapter 35 – David and Goliath The captain ran the 'Sea Odyssey II' up the east coast of Italy and into the harbour at Venice. ... Read Chapter