Under the Banyan Tree

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This short story is about Sanjh, who became world's best author but the unhappiest.

Submitted: June 16, 2014

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Submitted: June 16, 2014



In a small town, there lived a girl named Sanjh. She had only one dream, she only wanted to study and become a famous auther. But in a small corner of her heart she also knew that it would not be possible. 11 year old Sanjh, decided to tell her dream to her family, her only grandmother, and her mother. Next day both of them were sitting in a small room.They didnt have enough money to run the house, only Sanjh's mother worked in a small office and it was there only earning source of money. Sanjh took a long breadth and started, "Mother and Granmother I want to study more and want to be an author, I will never ask you about anything else. PLEASE" , Her grandmother was furious, she had old mentality and said," How dare you to think about this thing, you are not going to study more, and from now you are going to help your mother in household chores and if it would'nt be a neccesity your mother would also be at home", Sanjh's mother saw the anger in her mother-in-law's eyes, she was afraid of her and didnt want that she would even slap Sanjh. She interupted in between and started, "Sanjh now you are big enough to think before you speak, now do as your grandmother say.", Sanjh listened all quitely. Tears rolled down her eyes, making her vision buldge, this was not because what Grandmother said, she expected it but this was because what her mother, her best friend said.


She ran, leaving the door open and ignoring her mother's calls. She ran and stopped under a Banyan Tree, which stood there for many years, and Sanjh, who was so upset she started speaking with the banyan tree. "Ah! Banyan tree, you know I want to study, I knew what my granmother would say but...(sob) but my mother too took her side. I know you cant do anything expect listening but if I cant go to school I will study alone, seceretly.", saying this Sanjh saw that it was night and she ran to home finding her mother waithing for her, seeing her, every moment of today's morning was refreshed. Sanjh went straight to her bed. Next morning she went to Banyan Tree, where her eyes felt open, She saw books under it, she thanked Banyan tree beleiveng that it has kept it there, it was impossible but it was true.


Years went on and Banyan tree became Sanjh's best friend, she used to share her problem and banyan tree gave the solution, the books and things she needed. Through all these years, in Sanjh's heart, hating for her mother became more and more. In starting years she even talked to her, but now she didnt. It was Sanjh's Birthday, she became 18 years old, but her writing skills were like an experienced author. That day she went under Banyan tree and kept a pink and handmade scarf, with 'B' written on it, and said," Banyan tree you helped all these years and now I want to write a novel, can you give me the money." she thought this was impossible but next day found money under the tree. She took the money and went to publish her novel, it was her autobiography, she explained every moment in it, how she studied secretly and how the Banyan tree helped her. The novel became best seller of Asia in one week and soon was Best Seller of the world.


She was honoured with Booker's Prize, and during her interview she said,"all credits goes to the Banyan tree", one reporter asked ,"Wouldnt you thank your mother?" "Mother, she only opposed me, my grandmother passed recently and now my mother is living with me, she had never done justice with me and now why her name would be connected to mine", saying this Sanjh stood up and left the confrence hall, but this interview was overheard by her mother. Sanjh went home and found the door open. She was finding her mobile when she saw the pink, handmade and B written scarf in one drawer over a diary. This dairy was her mother's. She couldnt understand why her mother had this scarf. She read that day's entry in her mother handwritting,


19 March,

Today I heard my daughter in the interview, I am very happy. I remember that day when she came and told us her dream, I couldnt do anything. But when I ran behind her and heard what she said to the Banyan tree. My heart felt so heavy. Next day I asked my Boss for advance salary and bought books for her and kept it there. And then I took another job and worked day and night and fulfilled my daughter's need. The last day when she asked me for money, I sold my jewelry and gave her 1 lac Ruppes. I know that she thinks that Banyan Tree helped her but I am happy that I helped her. But now if she dosent want my name connected to hers, its okay. I fulfilled her wishes so many years, so this one too. I dont know where would I go, but I will know that my daughter will be happy.


The dairy felt 1 pound in Sanjh's hand. Now she knew the truth and she also knew that her mother was gone. Tears filled her eyes, she couldnt speak. She tried to find her moher but couldnt. She cried every night but now this was useless.


This is how a mother's love is, SELFLESS, UNCONDITIONAL and she can do anything for her family and her child. Sanjh's mother helped her indirectly UNDER THE BANYAN TREE.



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