The almighty

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Just a few thoughts on the almighty.

Submitted: January 11, 2012

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Submitted: January 11, 2012



In God we find law and lawlessness.  We find a writer of laws and a breaker of laws.  We find the man who dictates to us our morality and in the same stroke by definition destroys all morality.  He is the one who says, “thou shalt not, but me?—I Shall.”  He is the bringer of plagues and floods.  In him we find the creator and the destroyer.  He is the crafter, the genius behind the design of man.  He is the genius that makes the word genius meaningless.  He has also imbued man with a soul, a thing incompatible with man’s nature.  Because he designed us to die, to leave our mortal world, we will become mere shades of who we really are for the rest of eternity, as our true selves, our bodies, are rotting in the ground.  What a price is that to pay for one of the whims of this most serious, funny man.  The afterlife: an eternity with him, in a prison with him, a prison with no escape; I hope he has some good stories to tell, forever is a long time.  Question: Did we ask to be created by this absentee father?  In him we find consciousness without a body and without a brain.  Disembodied rage do we find in him.  All of these oppositions do we find in him simultaneously.  A contradiction do we find in him and contradictions, as we all know, do not exist.

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