Dot, Part One: "Teichi"

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A short story about a guy that is bored with his life, until his friend gives him something to live for, a game that changed his life.

Submitted: November 12, 2012

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Submitted: November 12, 2012




I woke up... it was just another shitty day, in my shitty life... the same thing will happen all over again, it's like my life was stuck on repeat.

Yes, I had a very uneventful life... but one day... a bit of this was changed... I dunno if it was for the best, or the worst, though...

I was never really, the popular guy, everyone called me a geek, I only had one friend, his name is "Hikikomori", I guess you can say, he's almost as geeky as me.

I'm a senior, my studies are... well, it's fucking great, everything was just too easy to memorize, but I kinda grew too bored of life, that it started to affect me emotionally, I was getting depressed... nothing new ever happening, I go to school, come back home, study for hours and then re-play a game I finished more than 10 times already, because I never liked the modern games... they're, too easy to figure out.

"Hey Nex! you should totally try out this new game called 'Dot'! It's awesome, man! and don't tell me that you don't like modern games! this one is different!" said my friend, Hikikomori.

"Dot? that's the name of the game? how can someone be so stupid, that couldn't come up of a title for a game? and you're telling me it's good!?" I said, mocking him and the game he just suggseted.

"Come on Nex... don't be too close-minded over games, at least try it out! then you can come back and mock it all you want, what are you planning on playing that game you play for the rest of your life? How many times have you finished it already, like 20?"

"Ugh... fine, I'll give it a go... but if it sucked, and I think it will, you're going to give me... I dunno, something precious for you...? or you know what, you'll just admit that modern games suck ass, that's enough for me."

"Whatever man, here's the CD!"

I took the CD... that stupid Hikikomori, did he really think I'm going to play that game?

Days went by, and life still hasn't gotten any better... and to be honest, I'm getting sick of that game... maybe I should.. give Dot a go? yeah, I probably will, and I'll have fun laughing at the stupidity of that game! 'Dot' haha, what the fuck is that kinda name? I can't even imagine how this is gonna be... boy, I'm gonna have a lot of fun mocking that game!

I put in the CD, installed the game and launched it.

The screen is blank, there was no title screen, I guess that's what you expect from a game called 'Dot'...  this box showed up and it asked me about my name, I typed in "Nex".

There was two playable characters, a Female character, called "Teichi" and the Male character's called "Ikari"

I chose the female character, she looked more 'interesting' to me, so I gave her a go, she had this really dark theme to her... her story seemed deeper, though the Game is called Dot, so you'd expect no story at all, still... she seemed deeper than the guy.

I played the game for hours... to be honest, this game is actually good... way too good, it's not as stupid as the other modern games, and... this one has actually more thought to it, fuck... I didn't study today... I'll study tomorrow...

"Nex, did you try out the game?" Hikikomori asked.

"Yes, I did... I still can't tell you if it's good or bad, since I didn't finish it yet." I didn't wanna tell him that I actually liked that game... I'll lose my.. I dunno, image? since he never suggested a good game to me before... and I've always been mocking modern games, if I admit that I liked this one.. he'll just rub it in my face and tell me that modern games ARE good.

"Yeah, sure man, whatever you say.."

I came back from school... and the only thought on my head was "Teichi!" I wanted to play that game so bad.

Teichi's isn't such a happy character, she's actually really dark, just like what I thought, and that's what I like about her... she was kinda like me in a way, I know that I'm the geeky person, but that's probably what I would be like in a game, all dark and shit, but life isn't a game, I can't go out looking all dark since people these days do nothing but judging, I'll probably get called 'Emo' or a 'Fag'.

"Time to play some Dot!... but I should study... ahh, I'll just check up on Teichi first, then I will study."

That didn't work out so well... I got too caught up in the game... I didn't study today either... If I keep on being this way, I'm gonna get screwed... but I can't seem to stay away from.. Dot... from Teichi, I find true happiness playing with her... Gosh, I sound really stupid right now. Fuck it, I don't have the time to study today, I'll just continue playing, I'll study all day tomorrow.

I stayed up late playing that game... I couldn't wake up to school, fuck.. I'll make it all up here, home.. I'll study today, that's for sure! in fact, I'll go study right now, no Dot today... no, Teichi.

"Okay, time to solve some maths problems!!" I said to myself, I've always liked math, it's fun.. at least, I find it fun.

"What...? I solved it wrong! that can't be.." I got mad, how can I solve something wrong! I always did great in math! I just wanna get it over with and go see my Teichi!

Everytime I try to study... I think about Teichi, what's gonna happen next in the game? all I wanted was, to play that game, to just to look at Teichi.. yes, as pathetic as it seems, I fell in love with a game character. I tried focusing while studying, which worked for a bit, but the urge.. to see Teichi grew stronger, I had to play that game, so I went to check on Teichi, and got caught up leveling her up, there's this really unique feature in this game, this "Mood" thing for the character, this game kinda worked as in a real time game, if you stay away for too long, the Character gets "Depressed" and, there's no way in hell I was going to let Teichi, my Teichi depressed.

The game was taking most of my time... I have a lot to study, but I didn't.. I didn't mind it either, I know I'll have time to study for the exams... so I didn't mind at all, and kept on playing with Teichi.

The enemies are getting really hard to beat, though I leveled her up a lot... I guess, I have to train Teichi better! so she can become stronger and I wouldn't have to watch her in pain... I can't stand the sight of her getting hit!

I cut school today too... This is maybe, the third day of me not going to school... I'm gonna fail if I don't go... but.. I can't.. leave Teichi alone at night, I just can't, I can't even sleep because I'd be thinking about her.

Hikikomori keeps on calling me, what the fuck does he want? I'm too busy to pick up his phone calls though, I'm with my Teichi.

"Hey, Nex... dude where are you? are you okay...? it's been a while since you didn't come to school... did anything happen? please call me after hearing this message, I'm worried about you man!" he left this message on my voice mail, just what the hell is up with him? of course I'm okay! what would happen to me anyways? I can protect myself.

I'm getting closer... I'm almost in the end of the game, I'm kinda happy, and kinda sad cause I'll leave Teichi.. but I had to finish the game, just so Teichi would accomplish her goal!

I went to school today, Hikikomori annoyed the fuck out of me, what a jerk... if only Teichi was a real character... I wish she was, I'd totally date that girl.. I always imagine her being real, and she's in the same school as me.. hah, day dreaming is nice sometimes...oh.. we also had a test, and I failed... yeah, I should be thinking about my studies... God, this is stress full.. I'll finish the game first, then I'll keep up with my studies. or you know what? i'll study today, Teichi wouldn't mind me being away for just a day, would she?

I tried studying.. I did focus, but being away from Teichi just... aches in me, every second I feel this... massive, dark hole in me.. that's sucking everything, making me feel empty... I, I miss Teichi... I can't stand this feeling anymore... I'll finish the game, tonight. just so she could be happy, and get her goal.

Teichi's mood is at depressed... I shouldn't have stayed away, I shouldn't have! I'll make it up, I won't leave till you're happy again... Teichi.

Well, this is the final battle now... God, I'm nervous... she's tough though. I trained her good, she'll make it, and get out alive... I believe in her!

The battle is hard... but I'm kinda owning his ass, haha! just a couple of hits, and she'll get her revenge!

Yes!! I did it!! I killed him! and now Teichi's finally happy! here goes the ending scene... Wha-What!? she suicides..? WHY!!

"Teichi always been the dark character, though, after getting her revenge of all everyone she hate, everyone that hurt her.. there was only one target left... one last life to take... her own life... after all, she's the one that's been hurting herself all along, so she ended it all, she ended the misery... maybe she'd finally be... Happy"

The end."

That's BULLSHIT! She can't just... she can't just die! who the fuck made this game!? how can he kill Teichi? MY TEICHI!! I'm so fucking angry right now..! what did they call it 'Dot' cause the ending would just leave you fucking speechless!? Fuck this man.. Fuck this!

Nex was then found dead, he punched the screen, and he died both from blood-loss, and from the electricity.

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