Immortality (Dreamer)

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This is the second CreepyPasta I ever wrote, it's old and I wasn't much of a writer, it might sound a bit stupid and childish.
It's about following your dreams, the price you pay, and how bad your dreams could be.

Submitted: June 03, 2013

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Submitted: June 03, 2013



I was a human, just like everyone else that used to live on this world.
I've had my childish dreams, dreaming of forever, wishing for immortality.
Immortality, I've always wished for immortality... I wanted it too bad to the point where I sought for it.


It all started when I was around the age of 16, I was a reckless teenager, the kind of teenagers who dream of stuff that we know they'll never be real, like immortality, but still wish for it.
One day I was surfing the web, going on random pages, I've read some articles about how to gain immortality and everything, but they were all fake, and nothing more than myths, myths that people who share the same dream as mine wrote it.
I somehow stumbled upon this ad, it said "Keep the soul, that's control."


It was interesting, I clicked on the ad, and it was for someone who claimed to be a Doctor, and he also claimed to finally cracking life's secret.
He said, he said he was able to transform the human body, into an immortal being, and that he was doing it free of charge, and just actually going there is enough of a price.
At first, it seemed like none sense to me, I mean... How can someone possibly do that? But my foolishness took the best of me, my craze over immortality just... Took over me, and I said why not?

I took the address, and decided to visit him in his office tomorrow morning.


The next day, I went to his office, he seemed like a nice guy, he was around the age of.. 32, or something.
The office looked very nice and professional, everything was clean and fit, the walls and, probably everything else in there was white, everything.
I talked to him about it, and his face just turned into a huge smile, and I saw his eyes fill with tears, which was weird, but I dismissed that and talked to him about it.
He said that the process might take too long, for like 3 months or something, I agreed 'cause I have nothing better to do anyway, even if I did, it's immortality we're talking about here!

He gave me this contract to sign, he told me to read it, but seriously, I didn't read it, I mean, I don't care, how bad can it be?
He told me to drop by his office the next morning, and I agreed, I shook his hand, and left the office.

Upon my way out, I heard him... Laugh, not that he was making fun of me or laughing at me, the kind of laughs that was.. Filled with happiness and.. Excite.
I went home, and I slipped into my pajamas and slept, I figured that I'd need energy tomorrow so yeah.
The next morning, I got all set and ready, and just left, I was on my way to accomplish my dream!
I've reached his office, and again he smiled and cheered me and told me to get in.
He told me it might be a bit painful at first, but I didn't mind that.
He led me this room, it only had a bed, and again, everything was a bit too white.

I lay down, and he asked me gently that he needed to tie me up, he didn't look like a sicko or anything, so I said why not.

He took out his needle, and he started taking some blood, I thought he needed a blood sample, so yeah, whatever.
He filled the first needle, and took out another one, maybe he needed too much blood? Who knows.
He was going way off limit, it seemed like he wanted to suck me dry, like he wanted to bleed out my whole blood, I admit it, It scared me at first, but that didn't matter, if it gave me immortality, who cares?
He didn't get rid of the blood, he kept it all safely in some... Bucket, or something.
I started feeling a bit week and uneasy, he took too much blood, I was about to faint or maybe die from all the blood-loss.
"The first step is over!" he said, a bit too cheerful like it was something easy.

I didn't respond, I couldn't think of something to say, so I just nodded.
He took out this... Knife of some sort, my vision was a bit blurry, so I didn't see things probably.
He slowly stuck it in my shoulder, what the fuck was he doing?
"What the hell are you doing?!" I asked, a bit trembling."Oh, you didn't read the contract... I wrote it down, how it's gonna be, I'm gonna skin you right now."
"Skin me...? Won't at least drug me?" I asked, he was a bit shocked, I didn't ask me him why the hell was he doing what he is doing, but I asked him why not drug me, I didn't care, let him do whatever he had to do, the pain is just a small price.
"It wouldn't work that way." he said.

He started peeling off every single cell of my skin, which I admit it was painful, I fainted here and there but every time I woke up, he was busy doing something to me, he seemed more into this than I was, kind of assured me that he knows what he's doing.
I don't know how many time has passed during that process, it seemed like forever.
I haven't got hungry or thirsty or anything, I guess... He, stuck that liquid thing they use in the hospitals to give my body whatever it needs or, something like that.
I was soon stripped naked of my skin.

He kept the skin somewhere safe too, I have no idea what the hell was he doing.
He took out this really, really sharp knife, the kind of knives butchers use.
That's it, it's too much now, what the hell was he going to do with that knife?
He didn't say anything, though I asked, he just... Smiled, and began cutting off my flesh, leaving some muscles here and there, I screamed my lungs out, he kept on working.
It was fucking sick and disgusting, seeing your freaking body get half torn apart by a knife and be able to anything about it, I couldn't break free either, I couldn't do anything, it was awful, I saw my bones, my fucking bones...I blacked out.
I woke up only to be blinded by the lights.

I couldn't feel anything, nothing but sharp pain everywhere.
He told me it should be over soon, and he's going to implant everything right now, I had no idea what the hell did he mean by that, I wanted it to stop, I wanted to fucking die, kind of funny right? I came here looking for immortality, now I want to die, life never fails at being ironic.
He started digging holes in my bones.

At this point, I knew I was screwed, I didn't care anymore, let him do whatever he wants to do with my body! It doesn't matter anymore, I'll die soon... I'll die soon.
"You've been really good, boy... It should be over soon, I promise you that."
He showed me some... Mechanical parts, he said those are going to be be my new body.
He shoved them in those holes in my bones, he didn't do it slowly, it seemed like he wanted to get this over with as soon as possible, it hurt, there's no way in hell I'm able to describe this pain.
"Now we connect the nerves..."I fainted right after that.
I woke up again.

I had no strength left, well no shit.. I tried to move my neck, it hurt like hell, but I managed to peek a look on myself.
It was ugly.
My body was half... Human, half... Robotic, and the once white room was painted red, smeared with dry blood.
The mechanical parts had wires connected to them, and that's when it I've felt this awful buzz in me.

He shocked me with electricity.
I fainted again.

After that, I don't know what the hell happened, my skin was gone, the bucket of blood was gone, but my body felt... Human, strangely human.
He told me I just need sometime to heal.
Months has passed, and my body finally healed, I could move again, the parts were really light, they looked weird, beside my human flesh, but I didn't care.
I asked him what the did he do with the blood, he said it's back inside of me, and that those parts also needed blood to keep on working, they had 'veins' in them too.
But really, is that immortality? Is it over yet?
No, it wasn't.

After my body healed, he told me it's time to for the last step, the brain.
He dug this hole in my skull, it was so little, and it was in the back of my head.
He implanted this chip, it had little needles on it, they weren't that long, they were like... 2mm long, only enough to get inside my brain without harming it.
He said their job is to 'electrify' the brain whenever it becomes lazy, that way it wouldn't shut off, not ever.
I suffered from awful headaches for a couple of weeks, but eventually the pain faded, or maybe it didn't fade, maybe I got used to it so much, that it seemed normal to me, and when I actually BE normal... It would, not feel right.

It was over, and I thank God for that.
I was transformed, into this.. Humadriod, like he liked to call me.
My immune system didn't mind the parts, it didn't rebel on them or anything, and well, my reproductive system was gone now, but I don't need to breed, not that when I'm living forever now.
I asked him about the price, I mean he wouldn't just do that for free, he said that my 'flesh and bone' was enough of a price.

I've felt great, now that my dream has come true.
I looked liked shit, and filled with scars, but who'd mind that? Let them say whatever they want to say, I am immortal now and that what matters, now God won't take my soul, unless my body dies, which is never.
Or so I thought.

On some night, they paid me a visit... They came, and they took my soul.
They stripped me out of what I wanted to keep the most, my dream.
I didn't die, no... My body still worked, but I had no more emotions, I don't laugh, I don't cry or get angry, I don't feel anything anymore, wasn't that some people's dream? To not... Feel anything? Well it fucking sucks, emotions, bad or good, they make you feel alive, no matter how painful they are, you'd still feel alive.

Now I continue to live on, being this immortal shell that I am now, I went through it all.
I've passed judgment's day, everyone was taken back to God now, they all went to hell and heaven, where they really belong, while I'm left here all alone, stuck on earth with nothing to do, and nothing to feel, wishing death to shine it's dark light upon me.

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