Soulless (Bone Dust)

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Things aren't always what they seem.

Submitted: April 25, 2013

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Submitted: April 25, 2013



I was living in a place, where the sun never rose, but the light was ever bright, a place where the wind never blew, but the fire never died.
Everything was dark and creeky, this reeking smell always made a knot in my guts.
Roaches and rats swarmed the place, it was ugly.
The sounds of bones melting was getting too much for me.
I never wanted to live in here... I was born, in here, created for this purpose, enslaved.
I always looked up high, and I saw them, making the sky bleed.
I'm not gonna lie, I envied them, I wanted... To be, like them, but instead, I'm down here.

One day, I was just doing my daily duties, until something broke the whispers of the fire.
A new comer.
I was excited, it has been a while since someone actually came, I just wanted to go and talk, to hear about how it's like to be one of them, to live among them.

I found the new comer, a young male, he was bruised and bloody, with broken parts, and a smile on his face.
I helped him, and asked how it happened, he said he escaped.
He hated living there.
I asked him how was it, he said it was a place where the sun never sets, and the soft hands of wind always hugs your cheeks.
His words amazed me, all of my imaginations were true, that place is where I really belong.
He warned me, he said it's not what it seems, but I didn't believe it, it can't be... that place is my home.

I built up false hope, and I thought about it very deep, I have nothing to regret, I'd regret not trying.
I escaped.
The guardians chased me, but I escaped, I was about to give in... But this false hope helped me, carried me home, to where I could find happiness.

I got there, and it was suprising, way more beautiful than I have expected.
The sun was burning the sky, the wind went right through my head, blowing off the dust.
The scent of roses leaked through my nose, the reflection of butterflies chasing the wind, made a being like me, drop some salt.

I was a bit nervous at first, that maybe they wouldn't accept me, since I was obviously not one of them, but they didn't mind; they welcomed me.
I didn't feel misplaced, I never felt like this before, they all had a smile on thier faces, the smile never faded, they were happy, and I was growing to be happy, too.

One of them, as weird as it is coming from someone like me, actually caught the attention of my darkened eyes.
She was the nicest of them all, and she was always asking about how it's to like to live down there, she reminded me of... Me.

Days passed by, and I soon got to know almost everyone that is in here.
I admit it, they were over happy.
Their laughter always swarmed the place, and it was a little bit too creepy.
I was once passing by some gardens, and something caught my eye.
One of them was passing away, dying, in other words.
It was helpless, I couldn't really do anything, I didn't know how to save someone's life, that's not what I'm made for.
They could've helped, but they didn't... They just stood there, with their smiling, happy faces.

That's when I realized... That's when I realized it's all a lie.
They're not happy, they never were happy, they're just pretending.
They disgust me, they're just hiding things, all this flesh covering their insides.
I needed something to cool me off, the moon always cleared my hollow head... I just had to wait, to wait until the sunset.
But the sun never sets.

I wanna get out, this place isn't all that great, this place is a lie... it's getting cold.. I have to go, he was right... It's not what it seemed.
But.. I need to get her first...

That's when I started looking for her, I had to get her, to save her, and I have finally found her.
I explained things for her, but she kept on smiling... I shook her, but her smile never gave away, I slapped her, I hurt her, she started bleeding, but she was unfeeling.
She died, but I didn't give up... It's not too late, I can save her... I just need to get down there.
I held her flesh, and we have fallen, fallen back home, to hell.

Now that I'm standing beneath the moon, shining with dead souls light, reflecting the beauty of her bones, and the flames swaying on her skull, it's all I'm ever asking for.
Heaven was a cold place, I should've known that fallen angels, are just rising demons.

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