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ISBN 978-0-9813122-3-1

Learn to save money for nothing with this short e - book I wrote that can benefit anyone and everyone, anywhere in the planet. Here are tips and lessons, I do to save money and implemnt it to my daily life. Some from the way I was brought up to things I learned while living in Europe.
I guarantee you wont be disappointed and I promise you will learn something new with this short and easy to read e- book to save money in your home, better your credit, and to cut waisting energy and water on your bills.

Submitted: January 30, 2009

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Submitted: January 30, 2009



Unplug it After you use it !

By Rassool Auckbaraullee

ISBN 978-0-9813122-3-1

We all know that living in Canada and the U.S. our costs of energy and gas has sky rocketed since the Millennium. Our water and hydro has never been so expensive. Gas for our cars, I won't go there. Please stop cursing. And we are constantly being reminded in the media that so and so business will be cutting 10,000 employees and this one lost his house to foreclosure. Its impossible to get approved for a mortgage now even if your credit score is above 500 ( which only few have btw) Do you remember going to college and seeing the amount of banks the stock market is now the Shock Market, Nortel is now worth 8 cents it was $100 a year ago. Some how all the money that was lent or borrowed was sent into space and now everyone wants a bail out.

We have never been more desperate to hold on to our jobs/careers, homes, children, parents, spouse, and especially our limited assets till now (Cash is King). This is a serious problem. This will affect marriages, relationships, and all types of industries. Now you have to ask yourself what I can do to make a dollar out of a dime. We all heard of this expression but never believed it. But I tell you its possible and you must believe it. You just need barakat. Not Barak (Google it). All we need from the new President is hope and faith.

It starts with you. We need to start developing a new way of life. The life I saw for a glimpse while living in Europe. I could not believe my eyes. At first I laughed at them. I referred all Europeans as cheap beyond frugal. I was so ignorant of the truth, but I soon realized they use 4x more kilowatts to use the same things we do to power the tv... The best education to saving money and energy was due to France and England. It was amazing to see the way the Govt relayed and educated the people to save and the amazement of how they listened and obeyed. Only in the last 6 – 12 months North America has waken up, and all of a sudden everything has to be Green. We are so spoiled here when it comes to energy. We don't realize how lucky we are to have the Niagara Falls to produce so much energy for free that supplies millions of homes to Canada and the U.S. The little things do count, literally, and here are some tips to count the little things.

I guarantee you won’t be disappointed and I promise you will learn something new with this short and easy to read e- book to save money in your home, better your credit, and to cut wasting energy and water on your bills.

Lesson $ 1

Make sure you have Energy Star approved appliances in your kitchen. Experts say if your fridge or stove is more then 10 years old then your just wasting more energy to keep your fridge and stove from staying at par. A good note to know is if your fridge or stove is 10 years or older or you can actually hear the motor blowing to run the freezer, that’s not a good sign. I had a fridge that was 15 years old and it was costing me $50 a month to run. Now my new E Star fridge cost me about 4 – 5 dollars a month. Also to remember about your fridge door. The longer you keep it open the more energy you waist. Nobody knows there fridge more then you do. I too often see people look in there fridge just to see how things are. You buy the groceries you know were you put it, stop opening it to stare. What ever the fridge manual says to keep the temperature of the fridge Eg. The Max temp would be 10, they will say put it to 5 or 4. I have mine at 3 and everything tastes the same.

With a stove you will save a lot more with gas. To be honest there’s a better flavor to your food. The best thing you can do to your stove and oven is to keep it clean, think of it as a tune up. Only use the dishwasher when it’s full. If you can wash the dishes by hand great, a pet peeve of mine is when someone washes there dishes with water gushing out full blast while there still scrubbing the dishes. Only use the water tap to rinse off the dishes that you already scrubbed and lathered. Think about it

Lesson $ 2

Keep the Washer and get rid of the Dryer. Get an Energy approved washer and who cares about the dryer. This is one of the most energy sucking appliances made for us that we don't need. Do you really need a Hummer, and all that gas you waist to go 10 miles. Always wash your clothes in cold water only.

All you need to dry your clothes is a line in the basement. In the winter it dries fast because of the heat and in the summer you have the backyard or the sunniest room in the apartment. Or you can get a hang dryer for $20 from Ikea; it pays for it self in a month. Hang dryers sell like crazy in Europe. There is not a convenience store you pass that doesn't have every denomination of hang dryers. One thing I realized in Europe, it’s hard to find a Laundromat or dry cleaner. When I asked fro one I got that stupid look on peoples face like why are you asking a rhetorical question? Do you know how much they would have to charge to run those machines? Everyone has a hang dryer in Europe, why don't we. Because Whirlpool and LG make us want one. These appliances are made in Asia, ask a friend who’s Asian if they had a dryer or even a washer when they were in Asia.

Lesson $ 3

Power bars. Simply just get them where ever you have a tv, vcr, dvd player, computer and laptop. Make sure to buy a decent power bar and not an imitation, because there were ones from China that started house fires. But if you get a good one they are life savers on your bills. Take a note of this. The amount of time these electronics are on idle, you are using more wasted energy. Do you really need to keep the red light on the tv all day and all night and all week and all month, you get me. The more it’s on idle the more electricity you use to keep the red light on, and then you actually use to watch tv over a one year period. I bet you didn't know that. Make it a habit, you don't need to know the time on the microwave when you have a watch, or clock on the wall, unplug it after you use it. Obviously you need your fridge and stove plugged in but you don't need the toaster and tv plugged in.

Lesson $ 4

Light bulbs. Obviously only use the CFL light bulb, and it won’t burn your hand to change it when it’s on. Another pet peeve of mine is when someone has the light on and no one is using it. Or it’s a bright sunny day the curtains are closed and the lights are on. Or the sunshine is coming in the kitchen, you can feel the heat on your hands while you eat, but you have the light on. Why? Why? Why?

Who are you entertaining? People think you need to go to a fancy restaurant to have a candle lit dinner. Its called go to the dollar store spend $4 and voila you’re in a Paris restaurant. What - you can’t see your food then why spend $100 in a fancy restaurant, when you didn't prepare it, and at home where you do prepare your dinner, it’s not a good idea. Man don't get me to be lippy. You don’t need the light on the porch, that's why the government put up street lights. You don't need a light on in the house over night that why there's ADT.

Lesson $ 5

When you take a shower does it take you an hour? How can you stand and let water fall all over you for an hour. Man you need to jump into Niagara Falls. The way to shower and the whole filling the bath tub all the way to just soak and become a prune, come on, seriously. If you want to save money this is what you do. A shower should take 10 minutes tops. In and out in 10 minutes. Rinse your body, stop the water, scrub your body with soap, turn on the water rinse and body and your done voila.

If you washing your hair the same thing you don't need to hear the water in the background while your scrubbing and lathering your hair. It’s the same as keeping the lights on when no ones in the room or having the tv on and no one to watch or leaving the car on and you’re not moving. Shut it off already! Another point for those who drive standard cars, if your at a stop light put your car in neutral you save gas. Those who drive stick laugh at you because they know.

Now another way to save money in using the toilet I don't recommend this but I saw many families do this in Europe. If you’re doing number 1, you don't need to flush if you think your going to do number 1 again. Men can pee on top of there pee, they don't care but women I don't think so. Trust me they do this and as well they don't, I mean they don't take a shower every day in Europe. Why do you think they invented Perfume and Cologne? They will rinse there face, feet, and arms and that is there out putting powder everywhere and deodorant, trust me on this, but they save money. I am not saying we have to this here but remember like I said earlier they pay 4 – 5x more then we do for water and energy.

They don't sell dishwashers in Europe like over here, if they do they will have one model to sit in the show room, and that goes for electric stoves as well. Try and think who drives stick the most and who drives standard the most in the world. Only in North America do we use the most standard cars and the rest of the world uses stick because like I said again earlier energy, water and gas is the cheapest here where the rest of the world is 4 – 5x more, but its catching up to us as we all can see.

Credit Tip % - $

The only response you will get from any financial advisor to better your credit, is to make your payment on time. This is absolutely a lie, a fabrication from the truth. As an ex - employee of a Giant bank in Canada, we are trained or brain washed, to tell you the customer how to pay and how stay in debt. If you pay your bills on time, it only helps the bank to keep track to see if your delinquent when you go through there door to apply for a loan or mortgage. When you have too much credit meaning a car loan, a mortgage, and 5 different credit cards. This makes your credit score go low. A perfect score is 500 and above. The bank can see your score as of live time, but will never tell you this. They are not allowed by law but if you have a friend who works for the bank he can do it. They also have another score on you that tell them how much products you have with them.

Every single employee when speaking to a customer looks at these 2 scores. How much assets (Cash) you have in them, your credit score, and for eg. if you have a mortgage

with them. Now this is how you’re judged when you walk in the bank. You want to know why you were refused; now you know. Every employee has the power to use there own discretion to approve you or not. Basically to help you or not. And if you have a lot credit, forget about it, meaning a personal loan, credit cards are always in negative (meaning you only make the minimum payment and your always under just like if your always in, over draft).

Now read this to see the double standard of the banking system in North America. If you have a credit card and never use it – you’re a good customer. If you always pay your bills on time – you’re a good customer. If you always pay your balance in full, on time, you’re a good customer. All this makes sense right. But the bank doesn't make any money. The bank gives you a piece of plastic where you can use all over the world, and don't have to pay your for almost 6 weeks (if you plan it right you can get 6 -7 weeks before your due date) you basically get a loan for 6 weeks pay it in full and the bank doesn't make a single penny. Not even a service charge fee for lending you the money. Now if every person paid all there debt back to the back, the banks would be looking for a bail out. Its weird and I will write another e-book on this, but that’s how it works.

Imagine if every person uses a new credit card from a bank and pays it in full by the due date, there is no interest to charge the customer and the bank makes no money... But if you’re a person who is in debt and being charged interest daily. Then you are the real customer, and are helping the bank function, we were told not to like you as en employee because your credit score is low. But the banks treat you like 3rd class citizens and there always trying to promote there customer service award. But now that’s history.

Here is the secret for free to help make your credit score go up. Pay off as much of your credit cards, and over draft. Again as much as you can. Apply for a high interest credit card like Sears, The Bay, and Home Depot. They usually accept anyone because there competing with VISA, MasterCard, and AMEX. Now here is the kicker. Use the credit card and purchase something for a dollar. Go to the bank or on line and pay it for it full. Go back to the store and buy something else for a dollar and pay for it full at the bank or on line.

Do this 10 times in a month. By the third month the Credit Bureau computers will see that you have purchased and paid in full 30 times. All this to a computer, tells it you’re a good customer, because you bought something and paid for it. It doesn't care for the value. I was told this by a manager in the credit dept at this Giant bank, and thought I should share this with people because times are tough now and the banks are always winning.

Interest is like raising a war with humanity with out guns or casualtiesand they get you, and if not your family when you die, the debt transfers to your family; No it Will, the government takes everything and tells your family too bad - death and taxes 2 sure things.

By Rassool Auckbaraullee


ISBN 978-0-9813122-3-1


© Copyright 2017 Rassool Auckbaraullee. All rights reserved.

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