Hate put me in prison. Love's gonna bust me out!

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Rubin Hurricane Carter the eighteenth Round amazing book, great film portrayed by Denzel Washington.

Submitted: January 07, 2009

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Submitted: January 07, 2009



In 1998 Rubin Carter came to my high school, to talk about his life and journey through prison. At this time we didnt know who he was, and took the sppech like another African American who was wronged injustice.. The movie came out a year later. And when I watched it in the theatre you can imagine my reaction and suprice. So after the film I called up my friends and told them to watch this amazing film, and really couldnt believe that I had met him a year ago and was picking quotes from his book in our daily quote of the day annoucements.

The Hurricane took me by storm! It is riveting story-telling cutting deeply into our deepest emotions. Finely woven autobiography and historical profiling rolled into one. Denzel Washington plays the role of Rubin "Hurricane" Carter with such utter conviction that it is difficult to remember he is the actor, not the man, himself. I couldn't take my eyes from the screen whenever he was there. Assured direction from Norman Jewison boosts this story from the ordinary bio-pic to a masterpiece of pacing where the audience's emotions are taken on a rollercoaster ride. Denzel was nominated for an Oscar for this role and was robbed again ang going in on the red carpet, said he was winning it. The film isnt not manipulative of our emotions, as some films can be. The truth of the man's life and times and those who were drawn into his exoneration are moving alone. I found the portrayal of the Canadians much less stereotyped than other non-Canadian productions, although I found myself watching John Hannah who played the Canadian Terry. The most original device was Rubin in isolation his personality battling as he struggles with the conflicts inside himself.

To know suprise now I realise that 4 years after watching the movie I became a volunteer to help inmates in prison, and everytime im there I think back to The Hurricane and wonder how many innocent victims can be in prison.

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