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Submitted: July 16, 2009

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Submitted: July 16, 2009



What can I say but this is the second best film ever made. It's a serious shame to the Academy for not even nominating Al Pacino for an Oscar. Al even told Barbara Walters that it was his best work he had ever done.

The movie has the most repeated, remembered, chilling lines then any other film. The character role of Tony Montana is the most influential. There isn't anyone from the gutter to Presidents who don't know a line from Scarface. They even know it in there own language. Anyone who watches the movie again, will always start imitating Tony Montana right away.

There are also true life lessons that everyone can relate to in there own way and to any lifestyle. The lessons you can learn from this film is really remarkable and sad. It shows you The Good The Bad and The Ugly literally. The three rules which I won't mention because its nice to watch again and hear , is the fundamentals. There are also many lessons you can learn like who are your friends, who you should trust. I trust me, your family, effects of drugs, dealing drugs, siblings, fame, fortune and loyalty.

I really don't think anyone could have acted this character then only Al Pacino. What amazing acting. He made this character and molded it to what people today are still amazed. Maybe the Academy was scared by his acting, but an Academy to Denzel for Training Day. Maybe it was guilt that they were waiting for an A list actor to take on a gangster role and please you give Denzel an Oscar for that what about Malcolm X. I thought it was the real Malcolm X.

For any one who hasn't seen this film shame on you too, because the Academy obviously didn't and my wife either. But I can forgive my wife, because with or without me she will watch the 2nd best film ever made, and the proof will be when she starts to imitate Tony Montana unknowingly, just like the rest of us who cant help ourselves.

You will be amazed by the acting, the sets, the lines, the cars, the story GUARANTEED!

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