Yes Mister... You suuuu is Ugly,,,, Everything you done to me, I already done to you

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Great just Great. Oprah and Harpo who knew.

Submitted: January 07, 2009

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Submitted: January 07, 2009



Recently I was at HMV and came across The Color Purple.. It hit me and I realized CRAP I don't have this in my collection. I also was very surprised when I got home to tell my my wife what I bought and she never read the book or saw the movie. I had seen the film as a little boy at 8-9 years old. As I was on the subway reading the back of the cover, and to my amazement I remember the story line and I can visualize all the characters, Mister, Celie, Shug, Nettie, and also remembered the Mail Box and to me had it own unique character.

I then realized that The Color Purple meant more to me then I thought. Its part of my childhood. As I recalled the movie in my head I realized that I didn't forget the characters. Usually you remember 1 or 2 at most when you're a kid. But the way that Spielberg filmed the movie, which I didn't know, WoW. You'll learn more in the special features, really interesting about the cast and the other.

I haven't seen the film in 20 years but I knew where the dramatic parts were to come, and poke my wife to get ready. As a man, I think all men who saw the film had to cry. Because Mister was either your father, uncle, brother/ in- law, or Granddad, and you hated those characteristics. And you can also see how Celie can be your mom, sister/ in-law, aunt or grandma. The movie is a must see but very hard to watch as a family. Your drawn into the realism of the characters, and the harshness of the story. The story is very obscured in the sense that everyone in the world of any race can relate too. But you don't think someone will write a book about the sensitivity and then do a movie. The film is fictional but we know things like this happen then and now.

I also want to mention the film was nominated for 11 Oscars and didn't even win 1. Not 1, and I wonder why people think the Academy is racist. This is like the first time Hollywood has made an all African American cast adopted from a African American women who the Pulitzer Prize for the book. Giving an Oscar to The Color Purple was and should've been automatic. Another shame and embarrassment to the Academy. If anything at least Best Picture. I believe everyone who knows The Color Purple automatically visualizes the cover of the movie and sees the shadow of Whoopi on the chair. Reason is when you saw the cover you may have forgotten about it, but in the film Spielberg makes you see the transition of young Celie and mature Celie just from that picture where you anticipate to see again then 2nd time you watch the film. Absolutely what started Oprah's career and Whoopi. Made a star of Danny Glover who also should have won an Oscar for his unbelievable performance.

The film is originally adapted from a book by Alice Walker. The film is about Celie a young black woman, who is abused by her step-farther and becomes pregnant by him, who promptly sells the baby. Celie is later quickly married off at 15 to a man that considers her to be worthless and soon the abuse occurs again. She has become a slave to her husband, there is some joy when Nettie her sister comes to stay but soon is forced out by mister (celie's husband). Celie although devastated by their separation, finds some comfort in visiting friends, but her battle with her husband continues. The only hope she keeps is thinking about Nettie her children and speaking to God.. The film is touching and beautifully done, It is a timeless classic, powerful and moving. Definitely one to watch.. You will remember these characters for life Guranteed

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