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Submitted: June 21, 2016

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Submitted: June 21, 2016






Lights are flashing, a breeze strikes my skin sending shivers down my spine.

I'm cold and my fingers feel numb.

I look around, where am I? I can't see anything.

Wait there… there's a girl she's walking towards me.

She's smiling at me, I want to smile back but I can't, I can't move at all it's like I'm paralyzed, frozen in place.

I think I know her from somewhere but I don't remember where from.

Now she's standing right in front of me, just staring into my eyes… her eyes… they are black?!

I see her pulling something from her belt… a KNIFE!!!

I want to run but I can't, my limbs just won't listen.

She's still smiling as she places the knife at my throat and then she kisses me, it's a pleasant sensation but then there is a sharp pain at my throat and in the next moment… blackness.




With a gasp I shoot up from my bed, my breathing erratic

Whoa that was a weird dream… it felt so real.

I think to myself, with a trembling hand I wipe the sweat of my forehead.

My eyes widen as I notice that I can barely move my legs instantly I look down and relax as I see the sheet wrapped tightly around them like silken cuffs.

Untangling my legs from their prison I swing them over the the side of the bed.

I drop my head onto my hands, my thoughts racing as I try to make sense of those reoccurring nightmares.


Making my way to the closet I hear rockets being fired and small explosions right after… new year... I don't get why everyone celebrates this day, it's just a typical day.

Nothing is going to change the next year… humans will still terrorize the earth for money and hate.


I get dressed, walk downstairs and see my girlfriend standing at the window watching the fireworks.

I walk towards her and wrapped my arms around her stomach earning a small gasp in response.


“Hey sweetie, did you sleep well?”

She says looking over her shoulder, her eyes filled with silent concern for my wellbeing.


I sight and look away before responding.

“No not really.”


She turns around to face me and brings her left hand to my face.

“Did you have a nightmare again?”

Concern mixed with fear shadows her face as she looks at me.


I give a small nod.

“It's the same one as the past few weeks.”


“Well maybe it means something.”


“I don't know… what could dying in a dream mean?”


She looks away, her shoulders lifting into a defeated shrug.


“Are you hungry? I made something special for you.”


Her eyes brighten as she sees me smile, her sweet and innocent attempt to lighten the ominous mood magically works. My heart beats faster, but this time for the right reasons. She was the only person that could make me smile and forget my problems.


That's one of the many things I love about her.
I smile and lean in to kiss her. The kiss quickly becomes fierce and passionate.

She's the one who breaks it.


She giggles… I love that sound so much.


“Whoa not so fast tiger.” she leans forward, pulling my head closer to her lips and seductively whispers into my ear. "Treats come later."

She bites my ear sending shivers down my spine and making my knees buckle, I wish she wouldn't stop there.


But she does when she takes my hand and leads me into the kitchen where the dining table is.


“Sit down, I'll get the food.” she says in her usual happy voice then proceeds to get the food out of the stove.


I have the feeling that she bows a bit lower than necessary… not that I'm complaining. We eat our food and drink wine just having fun. Just as I take the last bite of this delicious lasagne, she leans over to me, her blouse dropping open, the view just as delicious as the food. She bites the side of my ear once more, a shiver racing through my body as she whispers again.


“Well Tiger…. want the treats now?”

She says in a low seductive voice that makes my jaw drop slightly.

I just nod and let her guide me to our bedroom.

We start to kiss fiercely and she begins to pull my cloths off.

Once they're out of the way I move to do the same with her but she just grabs my hand and shakes her head.


“Not so fast sweetie. I've got something special for you tonight, wait right here.” she grins and takes of.

I want to be excited about what's about to happen but something just doesn't seem right, I feel cold even though the room thermostat shows 25°C a cold breeze slithers across my skin, making me frown.

I look over to the windows, closed, I look over to the door also closed. I shrug the unease from my limbs and try to imagine what she was doing.


Unable to shake the feeling, I stand up and walk to the window, clouds have closed the starry night sky, lightning flashes blinding me momentarily. Thunder rumbles through the sky, the sound rattling the windows. Just when another thunder hits my ears, I turn around to see my girlfriend standing in the door frame of our closet in nothing but incredibly sexy lingerie.


The sight let's my jaw drop a bit.

I want to speak but she beats me to it.


“Why are you standing there?” she says in a hollow voice.


The same breeze hits my exposed skin. I shiver, still looking at my girlfriend. I clear my throat and answer her question.


“Uhh… I was just looking out the window.”

I'm more than a bit confused by her reaction.


“Ah well it doesn't matter.” she says in that same monotone voice and starts to walk towards me.


“Sweetie are you allright?”

I ask, my concern very visible on my face.

She doesn't answer and just keeps walking.

I feel like having a Deja-Vu, like I've been in that situation before.

My dream! I shout in my thoughts.

I want to run… but I can't… I'm frozen just like in my dreams.

I stare in horror as she closes in on me… her eyes… pitch black… a knife in her hand… the smile on her face.


She stops just centimeters away, our lips almost touching.

I see the hand with the knife raising, the cold metal touching the skin of my throat.

I know what happens now, I try to stop her but I'm paralyzed.


She kisses me passionately, it's a sensation I learned to love, I want it to continue forever but it's interrupted by the unbearable pain of sharp metal slowly tearing through the flesh of my throat cutting deeper with every second.


The pain has become a throb, the burning pain melting away as I feel my mind blinking in and out. My knees buckle. She stops kissing me, releases her grip and takes a few steps back.


I see how she grins… this isn't her… she wouldn't… my thoughts are going silent as I finally drop to the ground landing in my own blood.


I'm dying… I look up to my girlfriend one last time and see how the darkness in her eyes leaves her… she shakes her head and rubs her temples, her eyes widening in shock as she notices the blood on her hands.

She shouts and falls to her knees as she spots me, tears running down her face mixing with my blood on her hands.

I see her scream, but I can't hear her…

darkness claims me, the last thing I see my girlfriend lifting the knife to her throat...

Word count: 1305



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