Angel's Eyes Chapter 4

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Fourth chapter is coming :)

my writing is still messed up,right? :'(

i just wanna share whats on my mind yeah thats it :)


Chapter 4

Its been few weeks Joseph no longer coming to the Hospital to treat Angel.

Angel remembered the way Joseph treated her , the way Joseph took her to walk around garden who has many beautiful flowers although she couldnt see it but she was happy that day at the last Joseph took her to see stars in the sky. "Oh where is he now? He gives much attentions for me . I think it's real but i just noticed that he'll never fall in love with me im just blind girl he's a handsome doctor ya i havent seen him and maybe never oh Angel wake up you doesnt deserve to be loved by him"....

The more angel think the more she painful, she just felt love but she had to felt pain at the same time. She is back to be a girl who's introvert even when her friends approached her she got angry she felt little hopes to be happy has lost.

She hated Joseph because she felt Joseph was messing with her. She didntt know the truth that Joseph didnnt leave her. But there is reason why he like this.

Joseph screwed up he didnt know what would he do he wanted to make his parents happy but at the other side he didnt marry that girl he had fallen in love with a girl whose her beauty couldnt be explained with words.

"God, what should i do? I beg to you please help me" Said Joseph while staring the sky. later he remembered of Angel suddenly and that thing made he happy and sad at the same time......

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