A Bird and A Fish

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Anyone who has seen the movie Ever After (the "true" Cinderella story about Danielle de Barbarac knows the line, "A bird may love a fish but where shall they live."

That line inspired this poem.

Submitted: August 22, 2010

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Submitted: August 22, 2010



When you stop
I go
And when you leave, well
That’s when I arrive

Because our lives are so different
We may as well
Be a bird
And a fish

For a fish cannot fly
Although many may try
And it envies the wings of a bird

But the fish, it can swim
And it shines and sparkles
Beneath sun-shimmered water
And gleams against the moon

For a bird cannot swim
Nor breathe in water
And it envies the fins of a fish

But the bird, it can fly
And it chirps out a tune
That’s delightful and cheerful
And golden as the sun

When you stop
I go
And when you leave
I arrive

We are two different people
A fish and a bird
And I will love you forever

But ah, my dear feathered friend
We will never be able
To live together

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