Permanent Love

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If anyone has seen the new sharpie commercial, they may understand this poem. The commercial shows a sharpie writing on a post-it note "I love..." and then it flips through a bunch of small pictures like, "first dates, swimming, dinner," those kind of things...

Submitted: August 29, 2010

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Submitted: August 29, 2010



I love...

I love roses and raindrops

On warm summer evenings

I love snowflakes that fall

To the ground

To blanket the world

In a soft fuzzy cover

Of crystaled tears

I love...

I love first kisses and wishes

Of Ireland weddings

I love boat rides in the moonlight

On gentle soft waves

That cradle this rowboat

That's full of joy and wonder

At our love

I love...

I love parchment and ink

And the words that they make

I love books and novels

That take me on journeys

On journeys that no

Human being ought to go to

But do anyway

I love...

I love juicy nectarines and plums

With their silky, smooth skin

I love their softness, their ripeness

And their delicious warm juice

That when I bite

It runneth over

And down, down, down

Over my chin

I love...

I love dancing in pajamas

I love singing in rain

I love eating at midnight

I love not being sane!

I love talking on the phone

I love the things that you do

I love everything

But most of all

I love you.

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