Playground Heartbeat

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Just a song I made up. My best friend just broke up with her girlfriend and I was thinking about friendships and heartbreak.

Envision a classic playground, perhaps at the end of the day, around dusk. Swings...a slide...perhaps one of those spinning things...monkey bars, even. But especially swings. Think about spending the day there with your best friend or your boyfriend or girlfriend. You're having fun...lots of fun.

Now think of that place without them.

Submitted: July 14, 2010

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Submitted: July 14, 2010



Playground Heartbeat

Curse this noise
That resonates
Beneath my ribs
Why do you make this depressing noise
That makes me cry

You’re like a weight in my chest
A stone in my stomach
I can’t wait for you to break
So you can just shut…

Cracks and rivers run deep
Burrowing deeper in my soul
Storms and blizzards come and go
But my pain will just remain

Back and forth we go all day
Till the moon and sun wave hello
To each other

Sunsets over the playground
Playground heartbeat
Playground heartbeat

Your smile’s the sweetest thing I know
I don’t want to let it go
But sometimes for a bird to heal
You have to let it fly

I’m gonna let you fly
And with hope
You’ll come back

I don’t wanna stop touching you
Wanna stop holding you
Wanna stop keeping you
Close to me

I just wanna keep playing games
Staying out, making up
Names for future children
With you

Stay with me
Stay with me


Playground heartbeat
Playground heartbeat
Childhood calling
From the grave

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