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I had a horrifying dream last night that scared the sh*t out of me. For once, I remembered every godforsaken terrifying detail and it was so creepy and so...unreasonably realistic that I have to put it. (Parts of it were realistic, others were sci-fi.)

There is a part before this part about us (us being my Performing Arts class) being in a play. We messed up horribly and we were dropping our cell phones everywhere. Then when Destiny, Sydney, Alexis, and I were all sleeping in the same cabin when I discovered a bomb had been placed inside the cabin. I woke up Destiny and calmly said to her, "There is a bomb inside here. Wake up the others and, VERY CALMLY, we have to leave the building. NOW." So we did and we left and Alexis came back to my house while the others stayed there.

This part just didn't seem as important as the rest, but I felt I should put it.

Submitted: October 15, 2010

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Submitted: October 15, 2010



"We have to get rid of it!" I shouted. There was a plant, a sort of alien like plant, that was trying to control my family. My mom looked worried and scared and frazzled. My dad was calm and collected.

"So let's set it on fire," he said.

"Yes, yes, let's do that!" I took the leader stalk of the plant who for some reason had stopped talking. (Did I mention they could talk?) I set it on fire and took it to the backyard. I shoved it into the ground so it stood upright and watched the flames lick along it's length, the stalk silently dying.

"It's done..." I breathed in relief.

"Good! Well, since I know you have boots on," my dad began. I looked down at my feet in confusion. I hadn't even put shoes on when I came outside. My socks were sinking into the mud and there was a disgusting maggot-like larvae on my toe and bugs crawling on my feet. I shook them off. My dad continued, "Will you walk around and weed the plants that look like that one?" He pointed to a pale sort of greyish-green plant with big long creeping "branches" that laid flat on the ground.

"See? Alexis is weeding them." He pointed out Alexis towards the back of the yard. Her hands were holding onto the plants but her head strangely was in the weeds.

"What's the weed called?" I asked suspiciously. I had never seen it before in our yard.

My father, Rhett, smiled and said, "That the Retta." Calmly, I looked at him and looked over at Alexis. Her feet were now in the air and the weeds seemed to be devouring her. All at once they sucked her in and the plants around the Retta died, turning into fragile-looking stringy white roots.

"I thought she looked odd," I said and began to walk towards the house. The plants that weren't even the Rettas hissed and even...good God, one of them seemed to have a mouth and it licked it's lips! I walked past them into the house and called out, "Mom?" She had been preparing dinner. I looked at the pots and pans on the counter. I saw peas and rice and a container of asparagus and another of brussel sprouts. "Mom!" I turned and looked at my father, who was grinning like a madman.

"NO!" I screamed.

(This was where I woke up. But when I fell back to sleep, it continued, about a year later. The Rettas were now all over the backyard, branching off from the main Retta, which my father gave daily sacrifices to.)

I went out to the backyard to feed the Rettas, as my job had been. My older brother was feeding the ones in the back. I looked to my left and saw what looked like a big blue swimming pool surrounding the main Retta. My mother was standing there and so was my father. A big microphone-stand looking thing was filling the "pool" with water.

I realized with horror that my mother was going to be the Retta's last sacrifice.

"N-!" I started to shout but my voice failed me. As my father spoke, he listed all the reasons she was a terrible wife and a horrible person. He noticed that there was not enough water in the pool. "We'll have to find another story about your failures," he snickered. I realized that the more terrible she seemed, the more the water pump pumped out water.

He walked over to my brother and began to talk to him. "I never liked you when you were little, before your sister came. When I moved in with your mother, you were the biggest brat I'd ever met..." He continued and I was so distracted by his rant that it took me a moment to notice my mother. She had grabbed a blue life raft and was trying to frantically untie it from the side of the pool. The backyard started to fill with water.

My mother got the liferaft unhooked and told me to paddle for her as we tried to escape. We figured that our brother and son was a gonner.

My father suddenly noticed our attempts and began to swim towards us. "Faster, Paige, faster!" my mother screamed. I didn't want him to get my mother. He dove down beneath me to try and get to her and I gave her raft an extra shove before I swam away, towards the gate where for an odd reason, there was no water.

He noticed me swimming to the gate and grabbed at my shirt. I grabbed onto the posts of the gate and desperately looked out to the front yard. "HELP ME! HELP ME!" I screamed. Dallas shot a basketball into the hoop and looked at me and laughed. "I'M NOT JOKING, I NEED HELP! PLEASE!"

Frantically, I glanced  around and saw the women's neighborhood tennis team and saw Brittan's mom. "HELP ME! PLEASE!!!" She shook her head while talking to the other women and walked away.

A group of children playing basketball curiously approached and I recognized one of them!

"BILLY! God, Billy please give me your hand!" He held a black kitten in one hand as he reached out with his other. I grabbed onto the little boy's hand and hauled myself out. I expected my father to let go of my shirt, but he held on. Terrified, I looked over my shoulder...only to see that it was my mother that now clung to my shirt. My father had his hands hooked around her ankle.

"Oh, no, you don't, you rotten bitch!" He screamed. My brother, hanging onto my father's back, reached up...and broke his neck. Without the pull of my father, my mother began to tumble and so did I. We fell, soaking wet...but safe.

A/N I really was terrified of this dream...I know that it seems silly but it scared the crap out of really, really did.

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