Summon of darkness

Summon of darkness Summon of darkness

Status: Finished

Genre: Young Adult



Status: Finished

Genre: Young Adult



4 teens figure about having powers, Desdemona,Eclipse,Tyler and Derek must face there fears, and fend off the government...and will they figure who the mysterious stalker is? read on to find out
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4 teens figure about having powers, Desdemona,Eclipse,Tyler and Derek must face there fears, and fend off the government...and will they figure who the mysterious stalker is? read on to find out

Chapter1 (v.1) - Summon of darkness

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4 teens figure about having powers, Desdemona,Eclipse,Tyler and Derek must face there fears, and fend off the government...and will they figure who the mysterious stalker is? read on to find out

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 06, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 06, 2012




the summon of darkness

Desdemona "stix" Vega was strange child, she often disliked talking to others and kept to herself.

she had long silver hair and had eye's that often changed with her mood, her choice of clothing was as of darker moods.

Stix was a lonely child until her parents adopted a young girl around a year older then Stix, this frankly scared the heck out of her.

being only 4, Eclipse "lipse" Vega knew only little of her real parents and often dreamed of them, wondering why the left.

She never found the answer no matter how hard she tried. so she decided to set the past to the side and live the present, no matter how much

she yearned for the truth. also on the matter of the girls,they got along though with some rough patches consisting of hair pulling, scratching and

screaming. aren't sister nice?

a shake of my shoulder dragged me into reality from a now blurry dream.

"hello? anybody in there?" my sister said amusingly with a grin, i rolled my eyes. then a aroma drifted under my nose,

saliva gathering in my dry mouth,

hunger churning in my stomach.

"meet ya downstairs...stix" lipse said her long blue hair swaying as she spoke her eyes, one green one blue glinted

mysteriously. I moved slowly to

my dresser, slipping my PJ's off, sliding on a pair of black pant and a gray long-sleeved shirt, which hanged loosely off my

thin figure like a corpse. i huffed wishing for my sister's "muscular" build, before descending down the stairs i see him. i smile and

then his gone, quicker then he came. Eclipse stood hanging over a chair with a piece of toast in her hand,she pulls the chair out and sits.

i sat as well picking at my scrambled eggs. a sudden flash of fear crosses eclipse's face making me look over her shoulder, seeing him make me

giggle, a sliver of my bright side shines for seconds but a soon as he disappeared when eclipse looked back so did the cheerful mood

"what is that about?" eclipse question

"nothing" i said sternly, my gaze drifting to her shoulder, hoping he was there once again

"how 'bout going to the graveyard to see gram and gramps?

"sure..." my sister answers, with a strange look "what's the worst that could happen?

"what about Tyler?" i say, hiding a laugh

we both chuckle as we disappear out the door.

not knowing a dark figure was close behind

we turned as the graveyard comes into view,i felt a sudden belonging even though eclipse looked desperately lost

"we haven't been here in like..forever" she says. she follows me without protest until she comments

"are you alright?" i relies I'm talking to myself but i reply

"stop worrying bout me!"

we began to argue until Tyler speaks

"fighting again?" all at once we stopped,then i relised we were here, at gram and gramps grave stones

i felt a pull, a force drawing me toward the soft ground by the stones until it blurred. the pain, the voices pounding at my ears,i slid to

the ground quietly. my thoughts smothered, i lost track of time. before my senses returned i had been moved to Tyler's car and was whispering

once again to ease my mind. I didn't even notice my sister arrive because of the boy from before was floating outside my window

chapter 3

we reached the house, eclipse and I come to the door, all the sudden she swerved and collapsed.

What was happening?

I awoke, still tired from the relentless hours of worrying in the hospital the night before, but then Ky appeared, he said in a sing songy voice "Eclipse and Tyler sitting in tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G" I look over, they're laughing,

"what so funny?" I ask

"who's Ky?" she ask, seriously

my heart begins to race, Ky looks over, his face worried

"i think his a ghost..." I look down expecting more laughter, I felt broken, why didn't she believe me? but instead I hear a thump, I look up my sister is on the cold floor and in seconds objects begin to fly across the room until I scream " STOP!"

The objects freeze and fall limply to the ground.

"WHY?" I screech, though Ky is already regretting his act of anger, sorrow on his face

"retard" I mutter as I notice clipse is gone.

"follow me!" Tyler shouts

I follow. With tears in my eyes and Ky close behind who is he? Ky has been with me forever and I still know as much about him when we first met, is he dead?

By the time we get home, I'm stiff and tired, my sister was already in her room. She didn't believe me, or did she? I sat on the couch, sleep pulling me from reality, into a dark landscape of peace and tranquility. I smile,curling up and ease myself until I hear her. My sister talking with a stern voice, what happened? I lift my head

"there dead, mom and dad" she says as strong as she can

"we're to take you to the foster home" said the man at the door, he was emotionless like his face e was made of stone, Tyler was behind clipse, he had recently moved in with us because his parents died and now it was happening to us. We followed the man, silently, shock was hitting me now. Tears fell slowly as I fell asleep, my cheek plastered to the window, my sister beside me. Before I closed my eyes I saw Ky, he had pale face, dark hair and endless eyes. He mouthed something before he faded in front of my window

don't trust them

when I opened my eyes, I was staring at a gray ceiling, darken by night and lack of light I look over to my right, a bed with it's sheets sprawled eclipse I lift my head "clipse?' I say my voice hoarse

no answer. I drop my head onto my pillow, then Ky appeared

"hi" I say halfheartedly " gonna speak Mr. Anger issues? He smiles,

"what's so funny? You tossed my sister out of a HOSPITAL bed! I bark

" I don't even know who you are!' now feeling frustrated I tossed my pillow at him, went right through I grunted with anger

" you emo STALKER!" Why is he making me this mad? Like seriously!

"des?" it was my sister, she was holding two red apples in her hands

"where were you..?'

"kitchen, get under, nurse might see.." she say lightly, I quickly lie my head on my pillow closing my eyes quickly without questioning

"clear" she says, I open my eyes just in time to catch the apple my sister got me from the kitchen. We talk over our late supper and share a cold bottle of water, it felt refreshing sliding down my dry throat, quenching my thirst we finished, slid into are beds just as the sun began to shine through our window.

Chapter 4

in the morning we headed down the stairs to a dinning room filled with chairs, different aged children sit in the chairs talking and associating with the others. Clipse ask something casually to a "nurse" in seconds she running out and I find myself running after her along with tyler and another boy with dark hair and emerald eyes.

I see him, ky's eyes filled with burning raw flame, hatred. He approaches my sister and pushes, hard she falls on to the floor. She attempts to lift herself but he pushes again I scream

"STOP!" But he continues until a nurse turns toward us, he fades into the air, like WTF?

I run up the stairs, tailing behind my sister, she disspears into her room I go to the media room where tyler waits for me, his arms crossed.

"what the hell was that?" he barks, his eye blazing.

"i..i...don't know!" I say my voice trembling, my heart pounding endlessly in my chest.

He continued to enforce the question , I couldn't answer, what is happening to me? Eclipse and the boy I know now as Derek comes in, his green eyes following each of our moves,

"what was that? She ask, bearing some of her cuts and scrapes from the falls

"i tried.."

"well that worked great didn't it?" she stated, her voice rising

"I TRIED!" I shouted now

"i know" she said calmly

"how are you calm? Your sister is seeing things maybe dead people.." Tyler questioned

she didn't answer, we departed separately silence filling between us

what is wrong with me?

It's been a month here at Patterson's and mom and dad become more invisible, the weird thing about death is that life goes on, when you think the world is gonna end

it doesn't, death is my friend I can't explain, but maybe Ky knows...

one day I go down to accompany clipse cause today she's doing the laundry before we start the load we notice a door, all alone in the corner with a silver lock shinning dully in the artificial light of the bulb hanging from the ceiling. I didn't notice but derek and tyler were here too, eclipse opened the door opened, it wasn't even locked! My excitement was extinguished when it was just a empty closet

"there has to be more to it" my sister said walking in feeling the walls

"why do I have a sick feeling this is what they do in Scooby Doo?" inquired Tyler, a smirk on his face

just as I finished a laugh, my hands traced a faint crack. I called Clipse over, she found a rock and smashed it revealing a crawl space

"I'll get a flash light" I say as I notice the space is pitch black, after returning all of them are standing with a business like folder, files

"get yours" Eclipse says

I crawl in, I come into a small room with cabinets I find mine quickly and crawl out we quickly restore the door and lock to it's original whereabouts. We finish our Laundry and return to our rooms. I was dying to see my file, when I opened it, It wasn't pleasant. It stated I was a schizophrenic, that I had different mood swings and talked to myself. I frowned so a fancy way of saying I was crazy? As I scanned my file I felt a strange feeling of another presence, I looked up, there was Ky, he was sitting on eclipse's bed because the others were on the porch outside.

"upset?" he ask, I feel taken by his sudden urge to actually speak

"why do you care?"I snapped "you really want to talk instead of flopping girls out of hospital beds to "express" your feelings?" Ky turned red

"I was protecting you!" he shouted, he sounded hurt

I stopped, I heard footsteps eclipse


" I don't think I had to help you with that one.." he said and vanished

I made a some what angered gurgle as I heard my sister come into the room

"hello" I said, gritting my teeth

"are you mad at me?"

"no I think I'm mad" I said with a huff

"OK..." she says awkwardly, plopping on her bed. Before I know it am ranting and raving, I begin to understand the words then eclipse asks

"are you OK?"

my eyes begin to roll and it gets darker and darker until all I can see is black...

chapter 5

I awake, I'm on my bed, my whole body hurts, I lift myself up staring at my sister

"why does everything hurt?" I ask, no answer. I understand, derek and eclipse were staring at each other

"hello anybody In there?" there connection breaks, there focus back on me

Tyler was staring

"you looked dead des" says clipse, worried

eclipse goes over to derek and tyler and whispered

"is ky here?"she asks

I look over by her corner, he stood there, glaring


"can he leave?"

I looked over, his eyes looked into mine, he shook his head

"he said no" I said nervously

" one...two...three" eclipse said causally

"your a necromancer, will you leave this place with us?" the all said in harmony

"huh?" I said

they repeat

then all of the sudden a voice, ky's voice speaks

"first of all i'm not a ghost, I am a volo half demon and none other then Desdemona

vega's guardian angel"


So you call throwing her sister out of a hospital bed safe? My sister barks

"your not her sister" ky explains

"yes i'am"

"no your not!" he lifted her still only visible to me ,he threw her hard against the wall. He goes to again but then nurse Nancy come in, my sister throws her a evil glare, the nurse leaves quickly


he picks her up again, Derek struggles to stop him he fails, my sister is chucked toward the wall, she goes right through, I scream. Then all of the sudden I see him and I know others can see him too because tyler looks like he crapped his pants,

want more?

© Copyright 2017 Ravealla. All rights reserved.


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