Flesh In Bloom

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So this one's subject to be deleted...or not, I really don't know; I usually don't have a lot of hopes for my poems, heh. Anyways, this one I couldn't help typing out. See, I heard about some old folklore surrounding a strange being called "Akateko". I thought it would be pretty bada** to take that concept and add a little more..."scary" to it, you could say. I really dramatized things, but let's see how it came out, shall we?

Submitted: November 29, 2018

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Submitted: November 29, 2018



Miles I’ve walked

Climbing up hills

Pacing down valleys

With unbroken will


In search of thrills

And of many riches

I’ve braved high mountains

And deepest ditches


For now, however,

As I wade through

A meadow’s great hill

I feel rest is past due


My eyes droop

Like the setting sun

My muscles ache

My will coming undone.


“No more”

I mutter thickly

“I must rest”

“Lest I grow sickly”


As such, I trudge on

Each step like dreaded hellfire

And my heavy breaths

Make my cracked throat dryer.


One question lingered, though

What was this very strange place?

Where was it on Earth, if we were there at all?

Barren, it felt; just empty space


How long had it been?

Since I left my home?

Since my lonely self even saw life?

Maybe months since I began to roam


Through it, I’ve seen wonders

And I’ve seen grim horrors

But nothingness is all that’s here, now

Only the space and inclined floor


Alas, absolution comes!

For at this great hill’s valley

I find a mighty tree

And refuse to further dally.


Despite my wear and tear,

I grin and run ahead.

Through eyes full of drear,

I find a makeshift bed.


Even through blurred vision

What a sight; one for me to love!

I could just see; a thick brown husk

With lush fruits and leaves above


Its overgrown roots

Its calming, cooling shade

And the soft grass below

They scream at me; to rest I must be laid


And so I cozy myself

Resting my tired eyes

And my aching muscles

As the moon begins to rise.


The stars shine bright

The moon eerily glows

A gentle gale whistles

The sky is cloaked in shadows


My dreams reflect

In this night sky

Dreams of the riches

That I’ve been hunting for


But my rest was disturbed

By a small ‘twitch’ and ‘creak’

Perhaps it was just a bird?

Nothing worth even a peek?


However, then it came again


Longer and louder it grew

And I began to worry


Perhaps it was a coyote?

Or an even bigger foe?

Possibilities flew through my mind

None were good ones, though


With that, I hurry to my feet

But my foot slips from under me.

I look down, but hold in a scream

To stay up, I cling to the tree


Adrenaline made me fully wake

By fright I was driven

It made me see that my feet

Were slipping on pools of crimson


But I was not bleeding!

So where did this horror come from?

As I try to move, I slip again

And feel something else horrifying


This tree I clung to

Not even fresh

Repulsive, stinking, sickening;

It was made of swollen flesh!


How is this?!

Was I so lacking mentation

To where I once saw

Beauty in this hellish mutation?



This horrid creation risen from the mud

It moaned and creaked,

Its flesh pulsing as it leaked more blood


I try to run again

But my feet have no traction

My hands are stuck,

The thing refusing their retraction


Though it only got worse

I felt something brush my nape

Alarmed, my gaze shot skyward

And my mouth instantly fell agape


I recall it bore red fruit

So it had more than a bit

But they weren’t apples or pears

They bore a palm and five digits!


Yes, several red hands!

They dangled low and limp

Yet those close enough

Would slowly reach for me!


The vines, or veins they grew from

Began to stretch and grow

The hands got lower and closer,

Descending painfully slow


And I could not run!

Entranced by this phenomenon

Entranced and trapped!

Only shaking as they inched on!


Down and down they went!

Pressing downward with no retreat

Oh, what a sick feeling and smell!

Like that of rotting, maggot-filled meat!


By now, the hands began to writhe

Their meaty fingers ready to wreck

Their chosen target to attack

Which I found was my very neck!


With me in their reach

Their grasp became taut!

I felt them grab my wrists and hair

While one hoisted me by the throat!


Faint? No, my breaths were nonexistent!

My airways completely blocked

My limbs helplessly flailing

My mind overcome by shock!


I felt my ears ring

A horrible cold filled me

My sight blurred worse,

Darkness cornering my eyes


I stared in desperate shock

But only saw one bloodshot orb

Buried in the inhuman flesh;

A demon, staring straight at me


And I stared back until a cold blackness overcame...




© Copyright 2019 Raven Akuma. All rights reserved.

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