Joseph's Gift

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Been a while I know. sorry. This poem is taking me a lot of courage to put up. I had a friend who died in January of Leukemia. Just as he was about to go for chemotherapy, he passed away the next morning at 24 years old. I wrote this in his memory and the life lesson he gave to me when I had just been diagnosed with diabetes.

R.I.P. Joseph.

Always smiling without a care,

Relishing in the world today,

Forgetting what hardships you face,

Always a fighter,

Always a survivor,

Of what is thrown before you,

Never dwelling on negativity,

Instead thriving in positivity,

Showing life is how you live it,

Showing life is what you make it,

Not always dark,

Not always gloomy,

Instead being constantly happy,

A gift you’ve shown me,

A gift you’ve shown we,

Life is your own,

Life is your path,

Life is your gift,

A gift you’ve taught me to cherish.

Submitted: June 17, 2016

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