All In Your Head

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
Based on a true story. The cat and turtle were both once alive - they've passed away now.

Submitted: May 30, 2013

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Submitted: May 30, 2013



It all started in my dream...

It was a sunny morning/afternoon and I was watering the cherry tomato plants as my Dad instructed me to. He walked back inside the house to go back to work or whatever. After I finished watering the tomato plants, I decided to water the rest of the garden too, hoping to get some praise or money or whatever. However; as soon as I finished watering the last plant, it started to get dark....

I hear a noise to the left of the dark and I rush to it, lizards scatter away, revealing a small pet turtle I had next to a tree stump. To the right of me, I saw a small and portable fish tank. I was about to grab the turtle and put it into the box when I saw my cat, Kitty. It was getting dark really, really fast now, so I grabbed my cat, put some ham in the box and put her in. I ran to the backdoor as it was pitch black now and only a very small hint of the sun was left.

*I need to tell you that this is a reoccurring dream with different daytime events happening, but always, always the same nighttime events.....I would always be able to get my cat inside, but on April 17, 2013, she passed away....I haven't had this dream in months, a whole year maybe....*

I opened the back door and felt a sensation, like I was feeling....watched. I was right. I turned around to see a pair of glowing eyes and a hideous, toothy grin. It stretched from ear to ear, if only the creature had ears. They were just....floating. The monster started coming towards me. Adrenaline shot through me and I quickly tried to pull the box with my cat into the house to quickly end the dream and be safe, as always. But this time, it was different...


My cat fell out of the box. Her eyes were wide and petrified in sheer terror. I looked at the...the THING. It was floating torwards us, faster and faster andfaster than before, it seemed to go as fast as the speed of light. I tried picking up my cat and pulling her into the house, but she was frozen in terror, literally. She wasn't moving, blinking, maybe even breathing, I don't know.


I looked up to see the thing right in front of me.....grinning even wider than before.


"FINALLY." It boomed and it opened its mouth, about to devour me.


I woke up, still lying in bed and half awake. 


"Weird," I thought, "that dream usually ends with me successfully escaping...."



My eyes directed to the window beside me. I wanted to move, to see what was outside but my body was paralyzed. I listened and waited for a few seconds.


I didn't realized I was holding my breath and I sighed in relief, "It's nothing......maybe just my air condition-"

The sound of the window cracking interrupted my thoughts. I shot up from my bed and pulled aside the makeshift curtains I have. I almost pissed my pants, literally since I was sleeping for 6 hours. There, was a head covered in long, straight black hair, facing me. I jumped back and the curtains fell back down. I didn't dare to check again.


"Maybe it was just a reflection of me?" I sat still, afraid that if I moved, the...head would come in somehow.


But then I remembered, I had cut my hair a week ago to donate it to Locks of Love, and my hair didn't cover my face - I have bangs and my hair was now only up to my chin...


I turned off my AC, stood up and walked across the room and flicked on the light switch. I looked at the window.


"Maybe I'm still dreaming.....The head with long hair was just a creation of my imagination, memory and nightmare......Yeah, that must be it. It's all in your head, Michelle. All in your head." I looked at myself in the mirror in my now brightly lit room and nervously smiled. A cold chill ran up my spine.


"All in your head........" I laughed as there was a hand, softly tapping at my window.

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