Sir Gentleman (SSS)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

I've finally been able to write a bit during work, here is the "Third Chapter" of the Miss and Sir series . Possible Sir Deaf and Miss Siren in the works, as of yet, no Sir or Miss to be announced
as of yet.

Sir Gentleman


 I can hear it in her voice, it’s over.

 “It’s over.” She says as she retreats down the sidewalk leaving me in front of an alley. I sigh as I roll the crystal like ring in my hand.

 “Just like the rest.” I say to myself looking down the alley, into only darkness; the moon shines on nothing within. I don't understand, I quietly think to myself before tossing the ring into the darkness. I suppose I will return to what I can atleast rely on...

 Writing. Yes, my use of vocabulary can do more than just sway them, more than just mend their broken hearts. It can break them, atleast once. I look back at my hand, there is a reason no sound was heard when I tossed it down the alley. It never left my hand.

 “What a fool I am.” I shake my head staring at the park across the street. “To be a gentleman for one, when none will be my anchor. When I sink, they float. When they breathe, I decay…”

 I formed a fist, I could feel the smoothness of the ring within my palm, and it angers me. I have given them my love, my hope that they may keep, and every breath to take away. I… I mended their hearts so they may rip mine out. Never again! I toss the ring down the alley still with my eyes on the park. Again, no sound. But it is not in my hand.

 “Sir Gentleman, you will be needing this.” I slowly turn back to the alley to see a man with a meat cleaver holding the ring out to me.


 “Sir Butcher, yes.”

 I slowly grab the ring then fall to my knees. “Please, Sir Butcher, end my life.”

 “No. I kill only those who lie.”

 “Then I’ve kill children-”

 “Not those kinds of lies. Sir Gentleman, melder of flesh. You’ve a purpose.”

 “To give all of my love and to never receive?” I sigh standing up.

 “I did not say you would enjoy your purpose. Join us.”


 “The Miss and Sir. Live up to your purpose, and we will make the world tolerable for those who cannot.”

 “These riddles… So… I am to be Sir Gentleman?” I ask and he nods. “I mend the hearts of the broken so they may have the will to live and to find their home, their true love?”

 “Now, you understand.” I look at the ring in my hand as he begins to step away from me.

 “What do I do now?”

 “Find the next one to pain you. I need to find the next one to pain others.”

 “I… Don’t understand..."


Submitted: February 02, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Raven Leal. All rights reserved.

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