You're My Poison

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You're my poison, you're my dear, you're my readers. I got side tracked while typing... Soooo..... Kirby? (>")>

Submitted: August 17, 2017

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Submitted: August 16, 2017



You're My Poison


You're my poison who

Gives me something more than

Only what I know

New, a lending hand

You who sees

What I truly am

Disorient, deceived

With little, I do what I can


You're my poison, addicted I am

To your drug, to each her own

You're my burden, for now I can

To impress, I am but worn

Be my ball and chain

Give me purpose which

Keeps me from shame

To be your perfect pitch


You were my poison, my embrace

You wouldn't share your world

I am done, I'll take with haste

Struggle, now coward in our war

Feed me your poison, which rains

It spills from your lips with a flick

Broken my chain, now we are ashamed

Still your tongue, with a final lick


You're my poison, feeding me words

They are not true, only to distract me

To keep within your hands, my world

Now within our war, I am retreating

I don't understand, four years distraction

You've taken away my core

Now to reenact, after a subtraction

I am he, with a gun, tis 1944


You're my poison who

Is my burden that

Gives me purpose to

Do what I assumed can't

My poison, I only wanted to make

You bend lips to a smile

My burden, I accept without mistake

Smile, my love, toss within a pile

Return once again when you

Need someone to make you smile

I'll change, you won't know what's true

Smile, it lasts only a while,

For now you're addicted, you are weak

I am your poison now, the one you call

You're addicted, I know what to seek

I am your buden, revenge, this time you fall


We are poison, we are burden

We are filth, We do what We Can

We are chosen, We are nothing

I am filth, You know where to stand

We are on cliff, One falls

One bluffs a cry, One sighs

One body to lift, One calls

One to die, One to lie...

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