The Wandering Princess

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A mysterious princess an endless journey what is to come? Only time will tell

Submitted: June 24, 2009

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Submitted: June 24, 2009



Up on a high hill there was a castle made of the most elegant stones you could ever see. There in the castle lived a girl of noble birth. The princess had midnight green eyes and ebony hair. She was strange, unlike her brothers and sisters. The town her father reigned, strongly believed in omens. Both good and bad. They were against all the unknown. The king himself exiled all the gypsies and the witches so no blood would be spilled on his lands, that way they would prosper. But unknown to the king his daughter was one of them. The princess loved to be outside and play. She would just lie around and stare at the sky and watch the clouds pass her by. The princess was always an impatient one, and one day as she was planting a seed in the garden, she had somehow managed to make it bloom into a mystifying black rose. She kept her abilities secret, hiding a part of who she was.
As the princess grew so did her abilities. It became harder and harder to keep them a secret till one day she couldn’t take it anymore. The princess was known to wander the forests at least once a day. She had taken this opportunity to wander far into the forest, that the people would just think of her as lost. As she disappeared into the thickness of the forest, she took one more look at her childhood home realizing she would never return again. The trees were more ancient than the castle she grew up in. The forest was her second home. The smell of pine and redwood were her best comfort. As soon as she stepped into the forest the smell was pungent. With each step the princess took, fear ebbed away from her. With each step, she heard a crack of a stick or the crunch of the leaves or the rocks hitting the sides of roots. As she breathed in the air around her she noted a difference. The air wasn’t as dense as it had been around the palace. Her only companion was her raven.
The raven and the princess were more than master and animal. They were one. The princess had found the raven as a hatchling, abandoned at birth. Since that time, the raven and the princess were inseparable. Her dark colored friend had a rainbow black coat that sparkled as it flew. The princess’ hometown always thought that the raven was whispering secrets to her. The princess was walking for a long time when she finally reached a lake with a water fall. The lake was crystal clear and, as far as she could tell, the freshest water around. The princess named it the Crystal Lake. At the lake, time seemed to stand still, as if the outside world were nonexistent. There, the birds chirped happily singing their song. The animals drinking from the water didn’t seem disturbed by the presence of the newcomer. The water was deep within the forest, no one but the princess was aware of its magnificent existence.
There, she was able to use her magic freely. She stepped into the water and transformed her legs into a tail. The tail was the color of emeralds. She swam deep into the lake and found shiny objects. The princess looked up from the bottom of the lake; the sun was a bright fire ball. She loved the feel of the water. She began to swim up the water fall and thru the river. She swam as hard as her tail could stand. The princess never went that far in her life before. The raven flew over head following the princess. She finally swam straight into the ocean. The air changed instantly, the sent of wood was no longer there. It had been replaced by the salty smell of the sea. In the sky there was white seagulls speaking to one another. The raven was very noticeable among the white mass of birds. The sea swished back and forth making a soothing sound against the rocks. The princess read about all sorts of creatures and she always tried to imagine a feeling she couldn’t describe, however, being with them was the best feeling of all and she knew that her imagination would not have been able to help her experience something indescribable.
Her favorite was the dolphin, its skin was smooth and rubbery and it loved to play and smiled all the time. They were so full of energy! The princess had never felt so free in all her life! After being at sea for a while she decided to explore the town there. She transformed back to her normal self. She wore a dark green dress with black lace ribbons, her wild curls were loose reaching her waist. The people in the town noticed that she wasn’t from around there but they didn’t make a fuss. The princess felt nothing but relief that they didn’t recognize her. The town had a dusty road, the houses were made of wood. The princess walked down looking at the windows of the near by stores. She entered one that sold a variety of objects. Inside the store smelled of sandalwood. The store was empty so the princess decided to browse. She saw many types of books, fabric, strange kinds of sea shells, candles, incense and paintings. She came to a windowsill at the back of the room. There she saw jewelry and her eyes shifted as she saw a raven necklace. The raven had its wings spread out; near its feet. There was a pentacle and a crescent moon. The detail was small but it was there, it hung on a black leather chocker. Just as she was about to touch it as a boy comes out
“Hey what are you doing there?”
The princess spoke, “I would like to purchase this necklace please.”
The boy was about the same age as the princess. He was dressed in working clothes that looked dowdy compared her fine clothing. As he passed her the princess, he had the sent of the forest on him. He took the necklace and called out to his mother.
‘What is it dear?” The mother asked her son.
“This girl would like to buy this necklace.” He responded.
The women stared at the necklace and looks at the girl and asks “Why this necklace?”
The princess says, “I don’t know, there’s just something about it.”
The women says, “My grandfather found this necklace at sea and wasn’t able to sell it. Neither was my father or myself. Here keep it.”
She handed the princess the necklace. The boy looked at his mother and glared at the girl.
“Mother!” He says
“Hush dear, it belongs to her. What’s your name dear” asked the women
Not wanting to reveal who she really was she quickly said “My name is Ebony, but I can’t except this. Please let me pay for it.”
The woman shook her head and placed the necklace in Ebony’s hands and left. Angry, the boys, marched out of the store.
There alone, Ebony had left a fair amount of gold coins and leaves. She puts the necklace and the sliver glistens as she walks cold against her neck. Ebony had left the stores and then climbed up the hill towards the light house and upon reaching the pinnacle, she sat down on the edge of the cliff, and the girl stared at the sky as she pet her raven. The clouds began to close in and it looked like a storm was about to arrive. Slowly rain began to drip from the clouds, lightly at first, then intensifying. The once smooth waves of the ocean had become angry with the rage of Poseidon. Lightning and Thunder shot across the sky. Ebony had stayed clutching her necklace, her dress already soaked to the bone. The raven cawing finally gave up and flew to the safe embrace of the forest. As if hypnotized, the princess stayed there watching

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