Something's Changed

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A poem about change...

Something’s Changed

We used to be so alike

But something’s changed

I used to believe every word you said

But something’s changed

I used to be your mini me, thinking exactly like you did

But something’s changed

As soon as I passed adolescence we couldn’t see eye to eye

I started noticing the flaws in you that I used to ignore

My thoughts strayed from yours so much it’s like I took a U turn while you stayed straight

Something changed

I became exposed to the darkness that this world was covered in

I started acting out more and more

I fought against your word like my life depended on it, and in some way it did

I was soon deemed by you the black sheep, the rebel and the unwanted

Something changed

I no longer opened up to you and I no longer cried in front of you

Because to you it is all weakness, and you do not tolerate weakness

So I closed off from you entirely, only noticing your presence when it was required

I spent more time online and less time outside

You were content with ignoring me and I was content with the same

Something changed

Our relationship became broken once I hit puberty because I realized one thing

That you aren’t perfect in every way and you do have flaws

And something changed in you; you became hard and callous to me

Because I figured you out before you figured out yourself

And what I saw was something you didn’t like

So you changed, but so did I…

Submitted: April 16, 2015

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