How are you? three simple words put together in a small sentence to find out how the other person feels

How are you?

How am I, today and every day?

How am I?

I’m broken and feeling lost

I’m lonely and feeling empty

I’m sad and feeling hurt

How do you pin down one emotion that you feel when you feel so many?

How am I?

I’m upset and feeling dead

I’m numb and feeling nothing

I’m stressed and feeling worthless

How can I tell you how hard it is to take all of my emotions and find just one single word

To explain how I am so you can understand just how I feel?

How am I?

I’m confused and feeling pathetic

I’m lost and feeling left out

I’m tearful and feeling forced

How does one pinpoint just one emotion and not go into depth of how exactly you feel?

How am I?

I’m wary and feeling lifeless

I’m scared and feeling tortured


That’s what I seem to reply, just two words that hide so much behind them.

Two words that seem to be my default in everything, they hide everything that I truly feel

And no one seems to want to know just how much torture I’m going through just by

Saying those two words, cause that’s what they are…words.

They’re just letters put together to make two words that form a supposed

Meaningless sentence

How are you?

I’m fine.

Submitted: April 17, 2015

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Meaningless sentence, How are you? I'm fine.
sometimes that's right.

Sat, April 18th, 2015 6:12am

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