old life

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how i was raised, and how it hurt to give up my self

Submitted: May 02, 2013

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Submitted: May 02, 2013



shes born

shes welcomed

shes raised strong

from a long line of women she is taught to hold her own

of the world she knew none as in her wildness she roamed her heart all her own

as with all things born it came her time to learn all the secrets of a womanhood that would keep her strong

but as with all  things there is always a price to be paid

so at her granmothers knee she learned to take heed

she learned how to lead ,how to suceed

how to stand tall when the stormsof life rage, and there is no help but your own

but in her wildest dreams she longed for so many things

to taste the wind 

to be free

she longed for strong arms to hold her

s soft voice to tell her it is alright shes not alone

this dream she held to her self, as her life rolled by

still she fought each battle as if it was her last 

till finaly her heart truned to stone, her dreams dust

her life less then nothing

she tasted the ashes of defeat and wondered why should i go on

she fell to her knees her crys of please loud in her ears

her will almost broken her despair hard to bare as her screams of why fall silent around her

her head hung as her tears won till finaly she had none

she sat in her silence her hurt loose on the wind

waiting for what she knew not then, 

but in the wind she heard her granmothers whispered words

it is the price we have to pay even if we get lost along the way







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