Some Examples of my Poetry

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Random collection of poetry I have written in the past 6-8 months

Submitted: December 28, 2011

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Submitted: December 28, 2011




7 Little words

Make a little phrase

7 Little Words

To get me through this phase

7 Things I want to say

But maybe it will happen another day

Why are 7 words so hard,

When I could say them to your face if i tried?

I see your face and i get butterflies

But I can't say anything and I don't know why

You are so perfect

I am so plain

So why does this seperation

Cause me such pain?

You don't know my name

But I used to imagine

If you'd look my way,

What would happen?

I guess I'll never know

And this is just another stupid rhyme

Maybe I'll have the courage

Next time.


The truth I don't know how to say

That I would die to let you hear

You'll never know because you aren't mine

I tried to tell you

Once upon a time

But you were once a friends

And I don't think it's right

But now I want to tell you

And I'm scared of what you'll say

So I'll hold out till tomorrow

And not tell you today

But someday you'll know the truth

The truth I've kept hidden

And that truth my dear

Is that I think



But how can I be sure?

I've never truly been in love.

And so I'll pray for guidance

From my God above.


When I met you

I didn't know

You'd touch my heart like you did.

When you left

My smile

Told everyone how I was feeeling

This is what I've always searched for

And now it's within my reach

I just hope I didn't fall to hard

To fast

But who knows

Maybe you'll finally be the one who catches me

The butterflies go crazy everytime I think of yesterday

I wish I had the guts

To tell you how i feel

But how can I know if you feel the same?

Do I look in your eyes?

Or is there some other way?

I'm lost, scared, confused

But happy, so happy

I haven't smiled this much since I can't remember when

I'm so glad

I call you friend

But maybe the day will come,

Where I can call you more

I hope it comes soon

But I'll wait patiently

And keep on smiling

And be here when you need

I'll be the one to laugh with you

And help you when you cry

I just hope these days last

And don't just fly by

So here comes the end

Of this stupid little rhyme

And oh i anticipate

Our meeting next time.


This world holds no meaning anymore

Without my heart how can I survive?

I can because someone holds it dear

Or I hope, my biggest fear

Is that he doesn't care like I do

I see my everything in his eyes

When he smiles and laughs, I fly

My fear of falling is so strong

How can someone so new in my life leave me with regret?

I should have doen this, I should have done that.

Meeting you was my last magic act.

You are all I'll ever need

Do you see the way i feel?

I'm so afraid of loosing this hope.

But I'll make you one promise, forever

I'll be here when you laugh

I'll listen when you cry

I'll be the one to chang the color of your sky

I'll never dream of hurting you

Or can't you see?

All my world is nothing

But what you mean to me

I'm terrified to feel like this

Because I've felt this way before

And the last time

He just slammed the door.

I want to be the one you need

The one you always come to

But this fear is so real

But so is how I feel...


Last night before I fell asleep

I reached out to feel the air

I fell off my bed

Hit my head

And had a dream in which you said

"I've loved you always, I love you now,

I don't know why I didn't see before

You're my world, my rock, my strength

I wake every day to see your face"

And then my eyes did open

To see the empty space

Above my head, I saw your lips

As you leaned down to for a kiss and embrace

But dreams cannot be real, my friend

And that is all you'll be

Because in the end, reality

Has made me see

I love you to much to tell you.

And so i'll stay right here again

Because this is far to fragile

For those three little words

So for now, goodbye

But know I'll think of you forever.


Now I remember

Why our talks ended

Because you made me smile

Feel like i could walk 100 miles

Made me laugh

Gave me someone to complain to

And still cared

Now I remember

Why I tried to hide

The feelings that were growing inside

Because you hurt her, you'd probably just hurt me

I couldn't let you resally see

The thruth

She is my best friend

But you make me smile

You are contagious

You go on for miles

I'm always happy when we talk

But then I feel like crap

Beccause I know I can't tell her how i feel.

So I kept away,

But how long could that last?


Because I realized I cared

To much, in fact

I faced the music.

You're in my heart, my head, my laugh


If you saw me

And I wasn't just an invisible wall

Would you even dare to call

My name?

If you knew

That I existed

Would you hear, these thoughts so twisted?

Would you know

The fear in my heart?

Or would you tear my world apart?

I don't even think

You see me smile

When you acknowledge me a little

I could walk 100 miles

You are so far beyond

My little world

You don't even know

My name

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