Will I Love You?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Elizabeth Briar is about to become nothing more than an accessory for a priest of a polygamist colony in futuristic America after a war to end abortion. The war left America divided into 4 states, and hundreds of statuses within those states. She faces the hardship of arranged marriage and love beyond her reach, but will she get what she wants? This is the prologue from the point of view of our four main characters, Patrick, Elizabeth, Cyndel and Berland.


Prologue Part 1

Abortion is one of the most controversial topics in the history of the world, and one that sparked the war that changed so many people’s lives. Even after the Life Laws were put in place, people still tried to find ways to get rid of the little “troubles” that seemed to occur. Of course, illegal abortions can be deadly, so many people avoid them, but illegal clinics still exist. The Life Laws were put in place by the Father Church, the church that saved us after the War of Life vs. Choice, and are as follows;

1.No woman shall terminate a pregnancy under any circumstances.

2.No woman shall engage in sexual activity before marriage. Any woman caught doing so is open to any punishment including death.

3.All babies born and are unwanted will be given to the Sterile Camps for care until age 15, at which time their fate will be determined.

4.The Sterile Camps are to be run by women who have been found unable to have children. Anyone harboring a woman who cannot have children is punishable by death.

5.At age 15, children who are able to work or be married will be so, and those who are unable to work or be married will be killed or left to work at the Sterile Camp.

6.No birth control of any kind is to be used.

7.Sex is a holy act, and should be treated as one.

8.Men may have no fewer than 3 wives, but no more than 8. There is no exception.

9.Men who are found to have less than 3 wives before they turn 45 are considered to be crooked and will be sent to work with the women ate the Sterile Camp.

10.  These rules are final, unchangeable, and have no exceptions.

That is the world we live in, a world that is run by the polygamist church. Since the War of Life vs. Choice, many people have been put to death. There isn’t a soul who remembers the Liberated Times, but we read about them in History class at school. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, your grandparents will tell you stories that their grandparents told them.

Another difference in the times is that North America is divided into four states, which are divided into statuses. Camp State, where the Sterile Camps are spread out and lived in, fifteen statuses in all, one for every age. Up State, which is divided based on the polygamist colony you live in, and is for the rich families and their servants. Lower State, which is where the servants are from, and where the working districts are, along with most of the illegal abortion clinics are. Finally, there is the Father State, where the Father Church is. We only go there for important holy days, or when a woman from our colony is put up for marriage.

I suppose that is enough about the way our little world is set up. Maybe you would like to know more about me. My papa is a rich polygamist, and he has 4 wives. His first wife is not spoken to or of so we consider Lisa his first, and she gave him 3 of my 12 siblings. His second wife, Laura, is Lisa’s little sister, and gave him 5 of my siblings. Then there is Belinda, who has had 2 and is expecting a third, and then my mother, Rosemary. I’m her only child, and she would like to keep it that way. The only siblings I know are Laura’s five children, Jeremy, Grady, Gregg, Ruth and Sara. The rest, excepting of course the unborn child, are either married or banished. Bess, my father’s first wife’s only child, was found sterile and we haven’t seen her in years.

My father’s name is Lyndon Briar, and he is a very handsome man. He is tall and slender, with salt and pepper hair and blue eyes. His nose is slightly upturned and he always looks like he knows what he’s talking about, even when he doesn’t. My name is Elizabeth Briar, and I wouldn’t know it before I started recounting my adventures in my diary, but my life was about to take an unexpected turn, and I was in for one big adventure.


Prologue Part 2

The laws were stupid; the place I lived in was stupid. Everything around me was stupid. I count the days when I have the possibility to leave the Sterile Camp and become a maid or something, maybe even a wife. As an unwanted child, I was tossed aside as if I had never been born…that’s how my mother wanted it.

My name is Cyndel, and I have lived in the Sterile Camp since the day after I was born. My nanny, the woman who had raised me, was raising me to be a maid for the daughter of a rich polygamist, which also gave me the chance to be a wife. She made me keep this diary from the day I could write, and now I knew why. I was writing to keep track of my successes in housekeeping, my midwife skills, my apothecary skills, and anything else that would help with finding me a girl to keep.

My nanny thinks I have an attitude problem, which is why she named me Cyndel, and called me Cyn. She was my confidant, friend, and mother. I loved her more than I thought I could love anyone, but really, I had never had anyone else to love.

One night, the night before my 15th birthday, she was running a brush through my honey wheat colored hair, braiding it to the side, where it fell down to just above my belly button. “Cyn, you must be a good girl to whatever woman you are assigned to. She may be younger than you, she may be much older, but she will be in charge of you, and you must call her ma’am. No matter her age, Cyndel,” She scolded, rubbing my back after she finished my hair.

“Yes, ma’am, I promise I’ll be good,” I said, leaning my head back against her breast. She kissed my forehead, sighing and pushing my bangs to one side.

“You best be a good girl, or else I shall be very displeased...” I knew she meant it, too, because the day I had cut my bangs by myself, she didn’t talk to me until she had to scold me. She was the closest person to me, and the idea of having to leave her made me sad…I knew I would never see her again…


Prologue Part 3


I had been standing there for several hours as the man with the monotone voice who always announced assignments went through the alphabet. Finally, his never changing voice called; “Berland Locke, step forward.” I stepped forward, wringing my hat in my hands. He inspected me to make sure my face matched my picture and rattled off the necessary facts about me. “Name: Berland J. Locke, age: 17, assignment: man servant to Miss Elizabeth Briar of the Upper State colony called Brereton, bring honor to your father’s name,” This was a speech I had heard a million times when my friends were given assignments.

Being from the Lower States, my family had been sent to work in different places all across the statuses. My father was a lumberjack, my mother a seamstress, and all my siblings had found assignments to Up State families, or had started working in the Rings, the places where you could get whatever you needed, including abortions. That’s where a lot of my family ended up, including my twin brother, Gerome.

As I walked back toward the house where my mother, father and I still lived with my assignment, I tried to seem proud of my placement, and held my head high. Miss Briar was probably from one of the prominent families, which meant good placement and probably a marriage to her female servant. I showed my parents the assignment, and both were as happy as they could be, what with my 3 youngest siblings getting work and my mother pregnant again.

Over the next few weeks, I readied myself for the train that would take me and about 150 other boys to various statuses, and also pick up the State Girls, or boys, but since we were all boys, I figured they would be all girls. Normally, I’d have been happy, since this meant going somewhere I’d never been to, but this place had taken and used a good majority of my siblings.

The day of the train arrived, and as we all boarded the train, I forced myself not to look back. My mother gave me this journal to write in, so I could send it back to here when it was all full and she could read all about my life Up State. I pulled my long dark hair into a thin pony tail and sat down, looking down at the black pants and white button up I would be wearing when I was her house servant, and the brown pants and white short sleeved shirt I would be wearing for yard work and sighed. I hoped she was at least good looking…


Prologue Part 4

I had been corresponding with Elizabeth since she was old enough to understand that we were engaged. With her having just turned 16, this meant I was to marry my first wife very shortly. I was 8 years her superior, but still I felt a connection with this girl I only knew through paintings, pictures and letters.

As was costume, my father, Father Braxton, was taking me to the Solitary Rooms, a place where men who were going to lead colonies waited to meet their first wives and learned how to run a colony. I had been waiting for this day for weeks, because this meant that she couldn’t be more than a week or two away. Perhaps a month’s time at most, I thought to myself as I walked behind my father.

My eyes were glassy from the liquid I had drank to inhibit the use of my vocal cords once I entered the room, but I could still see well, and once we were in the building that held so many familiar hallways, I turned to my father.

“Father, when do I get to meet her?” I asked, running my hand through my crew cut blonde hair and fixing my shirt and tie for the hundredth time in probably a minute. My father put his hands on my shoulders and shook his head.

“Patience is a virtue, Patrick. She will be here in a few weeks, but first you need to be readied. You’ll be branching off of her father’s colony and creating your own. The Braxton Colony of the Upper Status will be yours. So go into your solitary room and read your bible and learn, boy. Because you’re going to be Father, and a father,” He fixed my tie again and shooed me into the room where I would be staying for three weeks until my dear Elizabeth’s arrival for our wedding. Three weeks, and she was mine forever.

I entered the room, sitting on my bed and staring out my window, the hole through which I would be given food and drink and watch the world as they prayed for me. She would arrive here in three weeks, we would be married, and then she would be sent on ahead to set up house and part of the colony while I waited for my second wife to arrive. Of course, I would attempt to impregnate her first, but the odds of that were slim, since our wedding night was only the night before she would leave for the colony area. I knelt down before my alter and prayed silently for several hours. God, I prayed, please let her love me.

Submitted: April 04, 2012

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Wajeedah Young

I cant begin to tell you how amazing this is. Beautifully written and a great choice of words. I will definitely be keeping up with this story. Wonderful.

Wed, April 4th, 2012 12:57am


Wow! Thank you so much! :D

Fri, April 6th, 2012 12:30pm


Wow, this is really different and interesting. I love it's uniqueness, so please keep me updated. Thanks, Kenz x

Wed, April 4th, 2012 7:03am


Thanks Kenz! :)

Fri, April 6th, 2012 12:30pm

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