Brother's in love chapter 4

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Lyra Tine, a high school student that has been in love with her best friend (Raul) for a long time, but he as never noticed her. His older brother(Anbessa) on the other hand, who has just come back from collage has his eyes opened when he stumbles upon Lyra crying. She, not realizing he is there watching her, pours her heart out to a near by bird, whom she feeds occasionally. Anbessa, unable to help himself, proposes that she moves on WITH HIM, all the while knowing that he won't help the situation, but little did he know, his brother would react so strongly against them.

Submitted: April 10, 2012

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Submitted: April 10, 2012




Lyra didn't turn up to school for the next week, Raul had tried her apartment, but the lock was changed. she didn't answer the calls he made. She disappeared from the world it seemed, until she walked into the classroom that day. her face was paler than usual, her eyes held dark bags, and most noticeably hair sooty hair was cut close to her scalp, it was spiked and the bright light in her eyes were gone, the volcanoes that raged in her eyes frozen.


Lyra!” he called, she met his eyes, and he shuddered.

Do i know you?” she asked, her cold eyes looking past him “Because it seems i never knew you or your brother”

Lay lay, you know me” he almost whined, she shook her head.

No i never knew you, and it seems you never knew me” she said before walking off, she sat in her seat, the usual crowd avoided her, he understood, her atmosphere was one of cold detachment.


after class, the students and the teachers rushed out, only Lyra sat, she continued writing in a thick book.

Lyra, please talk to me” he asked, she met his eyes, but once again, there was no fire.

I trusted you and Anbessa, but you never trusted me... all you wanted was a pretty face... nether of you stood up for me, i now know where i stand i think it would be best if we no longer talked.. i have requested a class transfer... when this goes though, you and your brother are not to contact me, Mr Miramontes” she finished coldly, and turned back to her book.



Anbessa sat in his room, he hadn't left it since Raul had given him the news, she wanted nothing to do with them, and he understood, it had only taken one little lie to ruin his trust in her. he could only regret his reaction, and the pain he had caused her. the knock at his door annoyed him, he got up and opened the door to a very attractive female, she smiled suggestively.

Go away” he said and shut the door in her face, the only satisfaction he got these days was slamming the door in that bitches face, she had set him up, and somehow thought she could woe him, crazy cow.

the door knocked again, persistent, that piece of work was, he thought darkly.

Clare, I SWEAR GET THE FUCK AWAY!” he snarled though the door.

Who's Clare?” a male inquired, he opened the door to a male with short black curls.

I'm looking for Lyra... I was told to look here” he said, his face bright and hopeful.

I'm sorry, but we're no longer in contact” he murmured, the male's expression fell.

Oh, okay sorry to bother you” he said before leaving.

What the fuck was that about” he murmured to himself, he closed the door and tried once again to forget Lyra's expression when he had left her.



Lyra sat in her new classroom, though the whole institute had lost her interest, along with most her life. she ran her hand through her spiked hair, she smiled at the feeling it left her like eight years of bad memories had disappeared. she let out a sigh, and continued her study, the only thing that was still regarded with some importance.

L... Lyra... Tiny?” she felt her heart stop, that nickname... she turned to meet that black eyes of her ex boyfriend.

... K K?” she said looking at the face she would never forget, his soft black curls, the dark black eyes, and bright red lips. she remembered what it had felt like to kiss him, the sweetness of his caramel skin when the kisses had become too passionate. she felt the flush of her memory's and she smiled shyly at the male.

K K, what are you doing here?” she asked, he walked up to her and leaned down, and touched some of her freshly cropped hair.

I liked it better long” he said, his warm breathe fanning her ear.

I needed to start over fresh” she replied, the male grinned.

Can i help you with that?” he asked, his coal eyes meeting her icy ones, “Can you let me melt you again?”.

But... but i can't stand the thought of it... of being left again... i... i can't I'm sorry K K” she said, all the while leaning towards him. he curled his arms around her, and he purred into her ears.

I'll never leave you, not again I have regretted it since you've been gone, but i can wait... i will wait for you” he said before pulling back, with a warm smiled, he left her sitting at her seat, touching the spot his warm hand had rested.



Kai Takahashi smiled as he left the room, he had been worried his rash actions had extinguished the fire in her eyes, but no, they had been dormant, and he would resurrect them. he had laughed at his so called completion, both of them were losers, both so concerned with their own misfortune it gave rivals such as himself a chance to act. the only problem he faced was the green eyed hornet. Girls like her were the reason he never really dated until Lyra. She had these big passionate eyes, and a innocent view of the world and love, but he wasn't ready at the time and left her.


Clare, my business with you is complete, both the males are out of her life, now please leave me be” he said, his tone thick with annoyance.

Bu... But...”

But nothing.. I'm done, you have you're man, now leave me and Lyra alone” he said, her sharp eyes hardened.

What the hell is so great about the little bitch?!” she cried, Kai grabbed her hand and forced her to look at him.

Never talk about her like that, she is a pure creature, unlike you, you tainted cow”

she pulled away and stormed off, after shooting him a glared from hell.


Why the hell did they want that little Bitch not that she cared about the little Asian kid, he could have her, in fact... she smiled and turned to walk down the winding corridor of the school. Clare found Lyra looking down at her work, her once cute sooty blond hair she noticed, was beautiful short, as now it caught the sun more. It also reveled the long graceful neck that had been hiding behind her long locks, Clare bit her lower lip. She was pure, a smile, genuine for once lit up her face.. she wasn't meant for those brothers, so full of jealousy and hatred, she needed that Kai kid... she needed love.


Hey your Lyra right?” she said in a cool, but friendly smile.

Ohhh your Clare right, I'm so sorry to hear about you and... and... Raul....” she all but whispered the name, Clare felt a shock of anger and regret. but she also knew what she wanted and she would get it, she had too, after what she has done, been put through, she would have them


I saw that guy back there, the Asian one... do you know him?” she smiled, expecting a blush and some innocent natured head shake.

Um yeah... he was my first boyfriend... my first love” she replied, her face a deep crimson.

You have had a bf?” Clare gasped, her jaw hanging open.

Yes i have thank you” she replied, poking her tongue out.

I'm sorry.. i just didn't.... see you as the ... type”

HAHAHAHA it's ok, to tell you the truth, I've missed him for a while now, but it hurt so much when he left” suddenly she looked up at Clare, her pale blue eyes shimmering with unshed tears. “Should I?.. should i trust him again?”

.... why not... if you love him” with that, Lyra got up, pulled Clare into a tight hug.

Thank you, for everything” before she ran off into the court yard, looking for her new beginning.

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