A Daker Light Chapter 1

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a tragedy ..that ruins it all

Submitted: January 29, 2008

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Submitted: January 29, 2008



Day 1

The Break room was more quiet then usual, backtracking to the events that took place last night i cant judge anyone for being quiet. Brandon just had his head on the table valerie just honestly looked out of it while eating, victoria at the end of the table just writing and me well just not my self. When our shifts were done we all just looked at eachother.
"Im not leaving" Victoria said in a low voice while looking down
"So ur just gonna stay lets g-" Valerie was cut off by victoria
"Im Not Fucking Going!" Victoria screamed and threw the book at the wall
"Does it not phase through your fucking head that something is wrong in the midst of everything that happend last night..a piece was missing" Victoria said
"Shes right you know" Brandon mumbled " i mean what the fuck that dosent happen for no reason something was twisted around and his family went with him ..and i have a bad feeling that were connected and were next".

Simmons walked in not looking so dandy eaither he put his gun on the table turned the chair around and sat down
"Guys... its up to you u want me to take you off the case and close it cause if u plan to go in deep i hope u have a good sense of what will happen" Simmons Said "No......where fine ...actually keep the case open how worse can it get ...all 5 of us have been through worse not to mention if u forgot the 4 of us went on the search for that killer with all the mind games and paranormal shit that happend i think were fine" I Explained
"Well then i put your team on this case ....but all i ask is that please attend the funeral atleast for danny im sure him and his family would want u there" Simmons Asked

The table was still quiet we all gave eachother a look  like we need to do this for danny, his family and our sake if we were next. As Simmons walked out i got up and pulled danny's files out and skimmed through the last couple of cases hes been on and what i found out may have given us one clue. He was a drug trader before he came to this team other then that this team isint so angelic eaither were a strike team ...and we would do anything for money ...and u know were just kinda dirty but now in the way new york cops are. Anyway so i handed them over to valerie and she said  she would run them through Helene the captian.
" Ok Kids well heres the deal were all going out to eat and thats were we will talk this over just go get some rest" I said

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