A little story

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Money.Violence. and chaos

Submitted: February 10, 2008

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Submitted: February 10, 2008



"What the fuck ! give me one good reason why he fucking shot her" Raven Said

"i dont have one OK! but u need to start fucking acting your self" Leo Responded

"...My self...how the fuck do you expect me to react to what just happened! i saw my best friend get shot her sister is on the floor crying how bout you say that to her too" Raven Said

"You cant do much about it now now can you? u cant alter the fraction of reality" Brian Said While Rubbing His Head

"Oh i cant change what happened but i know who's reality i can change" Raven Said

"Get in the car now!" Leo Screamed

Raven reached in he car for his gun

"Kid Get In The Car NOW!" Leo Screamed Again

Leo Grabbed His Arm

"Get Off Of Me!" Raven Screamed

Raven pushed him away and pointed the gun at him

"Back off ....and let me do this come near me i wont hesitate i will shoot you" Raven Said Look at the door

Raven barged open the door and pointed the gun towards Andrew

"You.....ohhhh you ... you fucked up for the last time the worst thing u could of done was shoot evie..she had nothing to do with it..your brother killed your girlfriend not me he set you up" Raven Said

"what.. what are you talking ab-"

Raven hit Andrew across the face with the gun cutting him off

"Shut the fuck up...u messed up again..u had no business doing what u did ...and now well ur gonna see the gates... Burn In Hell Mother Fuck" Raven Mumbled

"RAVEN NOOOO DONT!" Leo Screamed

Raven pulled the trigger and unloaded 3 bullets into Andrew he pulled the ammo cartridge out and threw the gun on the floor

"This was a hostage situation raven no one was supposed to die" Leo Said

"...you know what Leo ..go fuck your self get both of them to the hospital" Raven Said

The next morning raven walked into the prescient and smacked his badge into the table

"Im done....just tell Evie shes welcome and if she wants to find me ..she knows where to look" Raven Said

"But what about Leo he wont have a partner now.." Sgt Reno Said

"Oh im sure he will be fine" Raven Said

Raven got in his car revved up the engine and took one good last look behind him put his sun glasses on and drove off, Ravens phone rang

"Hey kid ....you up for another mission" Leo said Laughing

"Ahhhh Leo ...u know it go get Evie" Raven Said with a smile on his face

Life as Mercenaries .....boy what a life...

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