Consequences Part Four LAST PART

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And that was it ...he gave in ...they took he was like a wolf..he may have been trying to fight the demons all these years but he was the demon and didint know it

Zack and Dante headed to the back so they could get in the tree and keep an eye on Vinny through his window. Brian looked into the courtyard and 3 guards were patrolling he got his knife in his hand and jumped the fence. The first guard had his back turned Brian slowly walked up to him and grabbed him "Move A Muscle And Ill Make You Suffer' Brian Said ...He Stabbed Him In The neck Anyway..At That Moment he surrenderd to the demon inside of him. He Closed His eyes and the Paranoia Took over the best of him he saw a gunshot and opened his eyes and if u see could see the look in his eyes ..well its best described if u look into the eyes of a pissed off wolf. He Ripped Off His hoddie and under it had a black tank top he took his gun loaded it and well ...That was the end.

He looked to ground put his arm up and faced it to left and without looking took the the two gaurds out. Seemed like all he needed was that one bit of violence to make him snap to satisfy his needs ...his blood lust...he needed the blood of the bastard who killed his mother and brother..Brian well now inside hes like a wolf and its time for him to have his his head well he is now insane and its only gonna get worse from there. it started to rain and Brian's jet black hair hung from his head soaked and blood running down his face and he had a deviant smirk on..Brian ran to the door and jumped on the guard and knocked him to the floor. He Stared At The guard As he Called For Back Up Brian Turned his Head like a curious dog would and in the blink of an eye he put a bullet in the guards head.

Brian picked up the M-16 cocked it back and cracked his neck ...that was it he was ready to face death ...and whatever what was left of Brian was now gone ...fighting the demons inside him all these years didn't pay off ...but now they would help him ..and it seemed like all these years he had an alter-ego that tried to break free. He Kicked Open The Door To Come Face to face With 6 Guys With Guns Pointed At Him..He Quickly Jumped In back of a wall..took a deep breath..and then BANG BANG BANG his bullets took them out faster then their bullets could take him out. one guy was left and he had his gun pointed at him "If your gonna shoot me shoot my chest" Brian Said he took the guys hand and pointed the gun to his chest...he pulled the trigger..."Click".. what do u know his gun was empty. Brian Whacked in the face with the gun instead of wasting his life.

As Brian Walked up the stairs This Is what he Heard Over The radio "Brian...We got a problem Vinny..well...he has Lisa" Zack said..Brian picked up his radio "not for Long" Brian Responded And he threw the radio away. In front Of Brian was the door..that would lead to end...Inside of him he felt the rage he was ready and like a ravage pack of wolves he busted the door open. Vinny quickly turned around he had Lisa at gunpoint in his arms "Move one more step the fucking slut dies" Vinny Said..." you ruined me u killed everyone all my men you little prick and now it ends only one person is gonna die tonight..goodnight Brian" Vinny said. He pointed his gun at Brian "you took my mother and my brother..i hope u rot in hell" Brian said he grew a smirk Lisa screamed and Vinny pulled the trigger...BANG..Lisa opened her eyes and so did Brian "sorry Vinny ..your the one who died tonight" Brian said as Vinny slowly fell to the ground Lisa could see in plain sight zack with a sniper rifle in the trees. Lisa ran to Brian and hugged him as they walked out of the mansion she saw the bodies and look at Brian in a little fear no matter what she still loved him.

Lisa got in the car Zack Brian And Dante Shook Hands "Nice working with You boys Again..Till Next time?" Brian Said ... Zack And Dante Bolth Put Their Head Down And Then Looked Up With Smirks "You Fucking Know It Man" they bolth said. Brian got into his car and the other 2 got in their cars Brian honked the horn and waved goodbye Brian turned the radio on and rob zombie came on. Lisa Kissed Brian and she rested her head on his shoulder he put his arm around her..and they drove off into the sunset. Brian Got a Text Message Saying The Cops..know what happend and its all over the news ...and now all 4 of us are on bounty...

But You Know What That's A Whole Nother Story To Be Told...Hahahaha

And well thats the end of this story Revenge Led To Happiness ...Happiness in a way led To Darkness ... and it all ended With The Death Of a Killer...Who Should Of Never Lived In the First Place. Im sure we will see more of these 4 ...who knows a new event could come up .......

Submitted: July 28, 2007

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