Consequences Part One

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You Never Know What Can Happen...Consequences Can be Grave..And Alot can Happen In The Blink Of An Eye.. Revenge Will Lead To Happiness And Happiness Will Lead .. To The End

Submitted: July 27, 2007

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Submitted: July 27, 2007



He sat in the car with his hands on the steering wheel looking ahead through the window shield it was a rainy windy night and he had a bad feeling in his stomach. He flashed his headlights and 2 guys came out of a black BMW one of the men had on a black tux the other one had on a black jacket. From his point of view he could see they had guns, he got out of the car holding a suitcase He put his hood up and put his hand on the gun in his pocket. Right before he pulled it out he saw her the men had his loved one tied he stared in her eyes and he could see the fear in her eyes. "BRIAN! Do You Have The Money" One Of the Men Screamed, Brian pick up the suitcase and threw it across the ground since the floor was wet it slid to the mens feet. "2 Million Dollars Cash Its all There" Brian Said, Brian eagerly had his hand on his gun ready to pull it out he knew something wasent right cause it was to easy

They let Lisa go As She Was Running Towards Brian One Of The Men Said "You can Thank Your Brother For This" The Men Started Shooting Brian Pulled Out His Gun And Started Shooting Back. Bullets Flew Back And Fought Eventually Lisa Got Hit And Fell To The Ground But She Wasn't Hurt Badly Thank God The Bullets Missed Any Major Areas The Last Couple Of Bullets Hit The Men One Was hit In The Chest About 3 Times The Other In the Head. The Cars Drove Away Fast When They Noticed What Happend. Lisa got Up And Walked to Brian And Hugged Him "I'm Ok Don't Worry When We Get Home We can Patch Things Up" Lisa Whispered. He Put her In The Passenger seat Of the Custom 1985 dodge Charger. Brian Walked Up to The Dead Men "You Can Kiss My Ass" He Whispered Brian Put A Couple More Bullets In Them. Lisa Was In The Car Watching and At the Same Time Lighting And Thunder Kept Going Off So She Couldn't here The Shots Be Fired.

He Got Back In The Car And They Drove Home Now The Streets Of California At Night Aren't The safest At Times And If U Say The Wrong Thing You Wont Make It Through The Night In Some Areas. Brian Layed Lisa On the Couch And Ripped Her Sleeves Off he Put Some Sanitizer On the Wounds Lisa Jumped Cause Of the Stinging Pain After That He Patched Her Up. She Put The T.v On And Brian Went Into The Bathroom He Stared In The Mirror The More he Stared The More Paranoid he got. He Spit Out Blood And Looked Back Up He took A good Last Look And Then Punched The Mirror. He Shut The Light And Walked Out He Went To Change His Clothes And Washed Up. He Put His Hoodie On "Lisa...I Gotta Go Talk To My Brother Keep The Doors Locked And That Gun Near" He told Lisa, Brian Kissed Her And Walked Out.

Now I Woulden't Say His Brother Was Rich From Working But After Brian And Richie's Grandfather Died He Left about 9 Million Dollars Behind and Richie Bought Him Self A Big House. He's Been Involved With Drug Trade off's So Thats How He Makes Most Of His Money Problem Is Now He's got Him Self In Deep Shit. Brian Walked Up To The Door And Banged On The Door "Richie GET THE FUCK OUT HERE NOW!!" Brian Screamed, Richie Opened The Door Brian Viciously Pushed Him Against The Wall. Richie Pushed Him Off " What The Fuck Brian!" Richie Said In A Pissed Off Tone, "Don't What The Fuck Me Richie" Brian Screamed. " Cause Of Your Fucking Drug Trade Off's It Got Me and Lisa in Trouble" Brian said, He Heard Car Doors Slam Shut He Looked Out The Window " Shit!..... its Vinny's Boys" Brian Whispered. They Pulled Out Machine guns And Started Shooting Up The House.

P.S Ok Well Im gonna Leave It At The for Now ^_^

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