Consequences Part Three

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He Tries To Fight His Demons And At The same Time Seek Revenge
His Heart Is Black And He Try's not To Give In to The voices in Side His Head But Soon Enough It Will Get the Best Of him And He Will Surrender

Hunters live to kill, yet they lurk everywhere, unfound, unnoticed. if by chance you unfortunately catch them during their kill, you will be next.

The beach house is amazing its big and it has a pool and the view of the water is something out of a fantasy dream the way the moon light reflects over the ocean was a sight for sore eyes. Brian was leaning over the banister looking out to the water his paranoia was starting to get the best of him. Lisa walked next to him wearing a baby blue robe and her hair was straightened blond hair black and red highlights her eyes in the reflection of moon were yellow and u could get lost in them. "Sweetie stop trying to fight the demons inside you ..just remember not all of us are trying to fight our demons some us are the demons" Lisa Said, she put her arm around him and rest her head on his shoulder for a couple of minutes. He Was sure in his head he could take them all out and then finally finish off vinny but something was gonna go wrong after that and he knew it.

Brian knew how to fight and knew how to sneak after all he is an ex-Marine so he knew how to kill too. Brian Called Up His Two Buddies that worked with him Zack And Dante, basically their Conversation was just that they were all gonna meet up and and finish Vinny off for good they were take out the front guards and then Brian would make his way inside Zack and dante through the back. Zack Had A customized Mustang GT Red and Black And Well Dante His Car Was A supped Up 1986 Pontiac fire bird With The Supercharger and everything. "U Ready For This Guys" Brian asked Bolth Zack And Dante Nodded They got In There Cars And Drove Off All 3 of their cars were lined up and Brian noticed they were being followed he picked up his walkie talkie and told the other 2 that it was time for a wild goose chase.

They All Stopped and Looked At Each other Brian turned Up His Radio Blinded in Chains Was Playing Perfect song for what was about to happen. the bmw's stopped and guns were being pointed towards them .... 3..2..1 Zack And Dante Pushed On The Gas And Sped Off They bolth Took Opposite Turns And soon Enough u will know why. Brian did a quick 360 turn so he was facing the cars 'VROOM VROOM' His engine sounded Like a Pack Of Wild Wolves ..His Engine Was revved Up. He Stepped On The Gas....Going About 260 he ran right into the car the men jumped out of the way Brian came to a stop and jumped out car took out the machine gun and started pumping rounds into everyone. there were to many guys and to many cars now here comes Zack and dante's part.

there was a bit of silence and on each side of the men there were two dark alley ways all u could hear in the air was 2 loud engines revin up how could u explain the was like a storm was approaching. They bolth turned their headlights on and it blinded the men Bang they bolth shot out of each alleyway Zack crashed into the cars in the front and took out the men Dante took out the back. They stopped and did a quick 360 turn and lined each other up smirks were on bolth of there faces they bolth stepped out of the car and Vinny's mansion was in front of them so far the plan was working good now all they had to do was get in and out..only one thing ...Lisa was taken from the house and Vinny..well has her tied up on the 2nd floor ...and once Brian gets their... boy will he be in for a surprise.

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