Consequences Part Two

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Something Was Comming ...Something Big..And Now Its Already Started Problem Was .... He Didn't Know If he Was Ready.. MEN ALWAYS STAY BOYS..ITS THE TOYS THAT CHANGE THEM

The house was being shot up bad Richie and Brian shot back Richie Handed Him A Sniper Rifle and Brian Ran up to The Roof. Richie Was Keeping One Thing From Brian He Didn't Tell Him That he Was The Cause Of Vinny's Wife To Die And Now All Hell Broke Lose. Brian Loaded Up The Gun Put The Laser On And Then There Was A Moment Of Silence All The guns Stopped And One Of the Men Walked up To The Door. Then The Silence Was Broke BANG From The Roof And Bullet Came Flying Down And When The First Guy Went Down The Bullets Were Flying Everywhere Whoever Was Left Of The Guys Got In their Cars And Drove Off. Brian Ran Down Stairs Only To see His Brother Laying On The Floor bleeding Out Bad And In The blink Of an Eye He Was Gone.



Richie And Brian May Have Never Really Gotten Along But Brian Still Loved him alot since he Was The Only Family Brian Had Left he Knew Now it Was On first They Killed His Mother Now His Brother. Richie's Last Words Were "Open The Mirror In My Room" He didn't Know What It Meant But Brian Went Into Richie's Room No Mirror Was to Be Found But Just a sheet On top Of something Brian Pulled It Off And There Was The Mirror. He opened The Mirror And A Smile Grew on His Face...Guns one By One racked Up Desert Eagles, Shotguns, Machine Guns, "Richie You Never Fail To Amaze Me" Brian Said He took The Handguns, Ammo, And The 2 Rifles. He Shoved Them In The Back Seat Of His Car And Drove To His House.'LISA! WE GOTTA GO NOW" Brian Screamed, Lisa Opened The Door "Why Whats Going On?" Lisa Asked. Brian Pulled Her And Told Her to Get In the Car "Brian Whats With All The Guns" Lisa Asked  "Richie's Dead Vinny's Boys Killed Him...We are Going To My Mother Beach House" Brian Said Fast.



Brian Started The car And Drove away Soon Enough Lisa Fell Asleep I guess now ill Explain The Deal With His Mother While Nothing Is going On. Brian's Mother..Well She Was The Brains Of the Family I Can Say That She Was Always One Step Ahead Of Everyone With How She Was Always In Control Of The 2 Brothers Anyway One Day She Met Vinny Not Knowing Who He Was And That Night She Slept With Him. During That Time Richie Just Started To Drug Trade Off's For Vinny And His Mother Had No Idea So The time Came When Maria The Mother Made A Wrong Move In front of Vinny Not Knowing He Was Watching Her Every move. He Was The Only One she Wasn't One Step Ahead Well Later That Day She Went To Visit Vinny And They Got Into A fight And Vinny Shot Her. Anyway Thats all i can Explain For Now Cause Brian And Lisa Now Just Drove Up To The Beach House.


Submitted: July 27, 2007

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