Curse Of Dark Athena

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Submitted: December 11, 2007

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Submitted: December 11, 2007



Originaly Created for the secret underground forces of the liberation forces there were several types of this injection but for now we are gonna focus of Dark Athena probablly the strongest one out of all them. It was made to make the host more inteligent, faster , better agility , enhanced relfexes for fighting , more violent if he he/or she has to be and a split side to the personality also known as Dark Athena, when it kicks in the host goes under a transformation giving he/she control of the shadows and red eyes for better eye sight.. A couple years later the liberation made there attack and the whole country went into war is was like post apocalypse the ones who survied were the kids who are now teenagers mostly ages 16 through 21 now heres the twist the libertaion is still at it but sthis time conducting expirements now in underground facilities and have most ares taken over with thier millitary bases. Lets take it back alittle before the war ended our soldiers attacked thier labs when they exploded the injections became air bourne only able to attack the systems of kids i think you get where im heading with this. One group of kids were infected with these curses the most The Blackend Wolf , The Scarlett Snake And The Fallen Angel There are more but i wont explian them now. These teenagers have extrodinary powers none of them were meant for good all meant for the darkest of souls but they dont care one teenager who leads his own group at birth was injected with the Blackend Wolf But now its merged with The Curse Of Dark Athena.... Hahaha ... Well we use these to our advantages

Im Raven Valentine leader of the Exiles Once Infected with the blackend wolf and now Dark Athena

And We Are Taking Back Whats Our

----End Transmission----

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