its how i see you

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Submitted: November 18, 2011

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Submitted: November 18, 2011



Trying to explain you is harder then you think. so ill have to start here


you are an amazing woman no doubt about it you are more then you think and i will forever feel that no one deserve any bit of you but me cause ill always give you my all. In a way your turning into someone who isint you but when you talk to me you go back to your realy self thats deeper locked away. Who you are the real person you are is stuck here you left her behind when you went back and tried starting new in a way. You are special more then you think after seeing you say you love me like really love me i was thinking so why put me through everything you did. I still came back though cuase i cant leave you alone i made a promise to your heart a year ago no matter what id never leave you alone. you are this smart bright outgoing smart girl with the sweetest heart and brightest personality but i begin to think u left  alot of that behind at home. THATS who you are that who u will always be i knew the real person you were. Deep down you a heart and i know you do and deep down it knows the only love you might ever except is mine cause your heart knows out of every person to exist i would appreciate your love till the day i die. You can only so many small things with other people you could have so many meaningless sex things with someone else untill your heart stops fora second and realizes how alone you truely are and it realizes who really loved you and why they are still trying to keep you together.


i dont know if you still want me or if you want some other guy or girl.
but i know you. 
and i hate always being right when something happens
but thats ONLY because i know whats real and whats not
you may have those little crushes. but fate knows where your heart really resides
and where you left the real parts of you behind for safe keeping

i do love you
god fucking knows i do and more then you will EVER know
for all the pain ive taken from you.
i just wont let you go 
and for why you love me?
i got some reasons..but i feel theres more.


you may have had a bad past. but ill still always be willing to give u a brighter future to look forward to
one where the love in your life will never fade. and that person you can do everything with
and never have to worry ever 

theres so much more to you you dont know about
cause it only comes out when ur heart knows your with that person it loves
your mind can love someone eles but your heart will always love that one person whos real
and wont open it self back up untill it feels that aura near

i may not be the most greatest looking guy
i may not be filled with tattos have pericings or anything
i may not be the most perfect.

but my impeccable love 
and my heart....will always make up for it

i still want that house wtih you
those kids with you
that dog with you

i just want a future with you.


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