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just old work

Submitted: January 29, 2008

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Submitted: January 29, 2008



i was strong once ....i was never like this .... but u never know what something can do to a kids soul .... in the blink of an eye ...it could make someone evil ...it could make someone crazy ...turn them into someone that can kill ...turn them into someone thats never happy casue they dont have a reason to ...it could turn them into a druggie at one point ...and turn them into someone who is looking for a way to die cause they put them self infront of someone elses life ...in my case ...its all of it

i never seem to be happy ...i dont have anyone by side to be my wings ..or keep me standing ... i have nothing left ...ive already had my spot of overdosing tonight .....stuff just never changes ... u try to think it does ...by making a false relality in your head ...but nothing works ...and then soon u relize the effects of medication wears off ..and your back to your own stage of nothing ...just were they left you ... your left with nothing ..and u try to start from scrap ... but it dosent work ... soon u relize ur left alone ..and ... u can never find happiness ...but when u think you do ..somehow its taken away like all the times before

i look like ive had the soul ripped out of me ... and all i get is the therepist comming up to me and saying ... let me help ... one by one ive pushed them away cause they make it worse

people ask "How do you pull your self together from everything youve been through"

i say "you turn into a different person, or you dont"

you know there are plenty of ways to die...but finding a way to live is the hard part

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