more old work

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more old work and shit

Submitted: January 29, 2008

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Submitted: January 29, 2008



umm yeas ... something just off the top of my mind

Where are you
what time is it
wake up..
look in the mirror
look through yourself
show them your power
open your mind up
widen you eyes
open the cage
let it out
what was that
look behind you
she watches and points
help her, be her savior,
put your hood up
let it all out
let the blood of the innocent spill
dont regret dont forget never hesitate
is it the will of courage that drives you
or hate,or anger
are u a sin
your wrath your lust your envy
it led you to death
it put you where u are now
it threw you back and fourth
turn around on the floor
the knife the blood
look in the mirror
only in the mirror u see the reflection of the body
bleeding...and decaying
use it now...Punch the mirror
the mirror reveals the dark side of your soul
crack the vision
and let the beast in you unleash
Save the night your hallow dreams revealed
The sweet release of death
In your thoughts you played a symphony of self
But your soul had bled a darker song
The story of your death begins

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