Opertaion Black Reign Chapter 4

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This is the peak of our technology

were bringing u back and making u deadly and adding a anew soldier

Submitted: September 23, 2007

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Submitted: September 23, 2007



2 Days later into the wat

Raven and jesse have severe damage most of their unit killed off and its not looking any better

"Im brining u to back we need to do repairs on you and your not going back alone after the repairs we have a surprise for you and this is gonna win us the war" Rena said

Raven and jesse ran to the helicopter trying to avoid being seen. Explosions everywhere bodies lying everywhere it wasn't going the way it should of and both of them were hurt bad damage to the legs and arms they were worn out but what they didn't know is that soon ...they would be fused with new projects and also meet two new soldiers that have been kept hidden.

"Welcome back guys..u need to go into repair right away actually u need to go back into cybernetic surgery ..were adding something to bolth of you" rena Said

"Really now? well then lets get this over with i wanna try this out" Raven said

"Yea what he said im ready for anything" Jesse said

Underneath the black-ops there is an underground facility where experiments were being done to improve soldiers that had cybernetic parts also 1 new project was under development that only rena knew about. The final touches are being done on them. Well hours passed and raven and jesse are still in surgery and about to be brought out.

"Ladies and gentlemen i introduce you to the new raven project Omega" Rena Announced

The omega project was part cyborg it was used in the passed war but was destroyed so they decided to fuse it with raven now half human and half cybernetic Hes a natural leader and ruthless with his enemies therefore... perfect

"Next we have jesse project Scarlett" Rena Announced

Also a cyborg Scarlett was used for hacking and demolition she was killed by her own comrades as betrayal she had the ability to hack into computers normally that would take months also she can create explosives and fusing this with jesse has made the ultimate marksmen.

"soo how do u too like it" Rena said

"Hahaha im digging the black and red nano-suit armor " Raven Said

"Hacking and creating explosive ...haha BOOM should be fun i love the yellow frames on these glasses i see i can use them to hack" Jesse Said

"Wait i have one more surprise may i introduce project xero your new soldier"

a cyborg formed with human and robotic body parts. He was a former assassin who was caught in a mission and executed, but they were able to save him and use him on project xero. His ability with melee weapons is unmatched. well they were satisfied and they became friends with him quickly they did some routine training to get used to there new enhancements and they loved them. So they were ready to go back and they went to get there new weapons and ill explain those Ravens gun, is joy its a .65mm semi-automatic handgun its power is amazing and has armor piercing bullets. His next weapon is Executer is a portable high-destructive machine gun capable of firing 2000 bullets per minute it has a magnetic energized magazine witch last for 900 shots and it has a small bayonet for close combat and its recoil is to powerful for human hands.

Next we have xeros weapons one of them is named Hollow this weapon was payment from a Japaneses client. it has a special compound on its blade which allows it to render invisible to the human eye. If used properly its uncommon length allows the user to execute mortal blows with certain advantage. Next up is ripper the prototype saw blade it was made by the black ops witch sole purpose to increase xeros destructive capabilities its man use besides causing a painfully death and able to rip through human bones, is for anti-tank purposes it can rip a tanks armor to shred if u are a human made thing that is.

And lastly we have Scarlett. The painkiller stake, when normal explosive aren't enough this weapon comes in handy its user is able to call them from here when ever she needs one, once activated it will activate the detonator in the shape of a small knife once its stuck in something or someone your advised to take cover. Now we have the Watcher a special sniper rifle designed for the perfect marksmanship. it fires plasma armor piercing bullets the design of this weapon has light recoil, although it needs to be pumped after each shot due to the hot nature of the bullets. Find a safe spot and use that camper spirit that lies within you.

now the last weapon is one that the service doesn't likes since its not meant to be used in close combat but as a suicide method it belongs to all 3 of our soldiers its called the loner. When one of the soldiers gets captured or critically damaged they will instinctively use this dagger . A simple stab of each respective dagger will cause their circuits to overheat and finish in a magnetic-high destructive explosion

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