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Submitted: January 29, 2008

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Submitted: January 29, 2008



Soo u know how people say life isint real ... well truth is there are bounderies u have that can be crossed but some shouldent ... yes yes reality is what you make it
but some realitys that u make can turn into hell . we think our imagination will save us
when we were kids  thats all we had am i right?
u know we get older soo shit changes  ... soo lets see the one real part u have in your life are friends ... the real ones ..not the bullshit ones.. u know like for example this bestfriend ive had since forever julie we have had out fights but we still are freinds ...

you know sometimes u dont know what u have till youve lost it  people need to remember that
u know once upon a time i though i hada perfect life i was strong and all ..but u know lifes a bitch ..and it can go down the drain in a snap... now while we are on that case i wanna say like before ...  there are many ways to die but the hard part is finding a way to live ... and i understand yea we are young when we witness a tragedy we run ok ... but still ...running wont make it go away ... nor will death ...

now personally how i feel latley ....well how i see everything now .... shits gotten worse in this world ok ... i mean it wont get better ..so fuck it .... u know i see people losing freinds and all ... and they ask them selves why ... well how about u fucking ask the person u lost why... u know casue u caused them more pain .... now for all the slutty hoebags .... get your shit together girls .. u know some of you are smart ...but u follow the wrong fucking roads ... and i know some of you have potential ..... also ... on the catergorey of drugs .... stupid fucks ..if u r doing it just to be cool ... well i wont be at  your funeral if u die... u must have good reasons for abusing you body ...and if u want a good lesson in fucking with drugs and everything i sugest u look for a movie called thirteen

anyway ... my castle walls ..well they are crumbling ...u know peice by peice they are falling now lets just hope it hold up enough for that one girl thats waiting to have me ....

anyway heres some words for you guys
it may seem confusing at first but just think about it ...and im sure ..everyone can relate to one part of it

I'm holding on so tightly now, my insides scream so loud
They can watchin , watchin me drowned , how did it come to this

How did it come to this , how did i know it was you
it was a bad dream, asphyxiated watch me bleed
the life support was cut , the knot was too tight,
they push and pull but they know they'll never win 

My heart beat stumbles and my back bone crumbles I feel is it real as the lynch mob doubles they want blood and they'll kill for it, drain me and they'll kneel for it
burn me at the stake met the devil made the deal for it, guiteens dreams ya they're guiteen gleems, the blood of they're enemies watchin while they sense me, sentancing decease sentance decease and watch them bask in the glory of their holy disease

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